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5-Minute Film Festival: Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection

Kid Prez

U.S. Presidents



Don T

Words Of Wisdom

True Wisdom

Do Do

The O'Jays

I think we can always learn a little something from kids. #KidPresident #CarpeDiem #ButImJustAGirl

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Back to school Already?


10 Learning

Kids Learning Websites

Education Websites

10 Websites

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Classroom Stuff

Back to school idea to help kids

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What I Have Learnedfrom What I Have Learned

9 Ways to Start the Year off Right

Upper Elementary Classroom Decor

Classroom Ideals

Classroom General

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Mgmt

Grade Classroom

Future Classroom

Classroom Organization

Classroom Management

Are you ready to head back to school yet? Here are 9 ways that you can start the year off right. These strategies will help you set the foundation for your classroom and create a space where you and your students will want to be every day of the school year.

9 Ways to Start the Year off Right

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Beginning of the Year Team Building Activities Ice Breaker Get to Know You Ideas

Teachers Sell

Teachers Website

School Website

Art Vocab

Vocab Writing

Classroom Fun

Future Classroom

Classroom Organization

Classroom Team Building Elementary

30 Fun Classroom, Team Building Activities to bring community into your classroom. Great for beginning of the year!Activities for the First Wee...

Beginning of the Year Team Building Activities Ice Breaker Get to Know You Ideas

The Literary Mavenfrom The Literary Maven

Goes Back to School

First Year Teacher High School

School 7

School Aggies

High School English First Day Activities

Fifth Grade Syllabus

Us History Syllabus

Secondary Syllabus

Syllabus Quiz

Reading Syllabus

Use stations to set a tone of active learning and get students up and moving on the first day of school.

The Literary Maven: The Literary Maven Goes Back to School {7/27}

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

All About Me Drawing & Writing First Week of School / Back to School Activity

Personal Narrative

Narrative Writing

Grade Writing

Grade Reading

Draw Selfies

Selfies 34

Iphone Selfies

Message Prompts

Fun Contemporary

Fun, contemporary back-to-school lesson! Have your students draw "selfies" and describe their summer via text message prompts. Makes for a great bulletin board display!!


teacher stufffrom teacher stuff

Monday Made It: Better Late Than Never

Random Questions

Student Questions

Exit Ticket Questions

Inquiry Questions

Exit Tickets

Practical Teachers

Practical Ideas

Parking Lot Classroom

Classroom Teacher

I came up with this idea by accident after back to school this year. This one is much nicer than mine. Parking lot for random questions the kids have, but you don't have time to answer right then and there.

teacher stuff | practical ideas for practical teachers

Awesome Icebreaker

Icebreaker Activity

Classroom Icebreaker

Classroom Ice Breaker Activities

Drama Icebreakers

Icebreaker Questions For Adults

Activity Firstdayofschool

Morning Meeting Activities

Week Activities

Would you rather ... great first day get to know you activity. #firstdayofschool #carsondellosa by e.muir324

Would you rather ... great first day get to know you activity. #firstdayofschool #carsondellosa

Whiteboard Talk

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Week Writing

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Just a little family bonding time! #miss5thswhiteboard #iteachsecond #teachersofinstagram #proudteacher #teachersfollowteachers

Shinebrightinsecond on Instagram: “Just a little family bonding time! #miss5thswhiteboard #iteachsecond #teachersofinstagram #proudteacher #teachersfollowteachers”

Cult of Pedagogyfrom Cult of Pedagogy

Classroom Management: 4 Keys to Starting the Year off Right

Classroom Management'S

Classroom Behavior Plans

3Rd Grade Classroom Management

High School Classroom Organization

Simple Classroom

Middle School Classroom

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Managment

Linsin Continue

How to set up and implement a #classroom #behavior plan that really works, with advice from Smart #Classroom Management's Michael Linsin. Continue Reading →

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Student Binder Organization Elementary

Gift For Student Teacher

Student Reward Ideas

Classroom Teacher Desk Ideas

First Day Gifts For Students

Candy Classroom

Student Incentives

2017 Classroom

Grade Teacher

clean desk award with Starbursts - motivate students to keep their desks clean!

O-H So Blessed!: Clean Desk Award

14Teaching Classroom

Classroom End Of Year

Classroom Awards Ideas

Candy Themed Classroom

Teaching Tidbits

Teaching Ideas

Student Teaching

Teaching Mojo

Teaching Materials

Really cute end of the year awards for students.

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Classmate Freebie

Fun Freebie

Character Traits Foldable

Character Trait Of The Week

Character Traits Activities 3Rd Grade

Character Trait Posters

Character Change

School Character

1St Week

Beginning of the Year Flippable Fun FREEBIE - give students a framework to think about what it means to be a good classmate

All Things Upper Elementary: Beginning of the Year Flippable Fun

Toothpaste Activity

School Toothpaste

Toothpaste Words Lesson

Toothpaste Bullying

Toothpaste Tube


Student Of The Week Ideas

First Week Of School Art Ideas

3Rd Grade First Week Of School

This is the best idea for watching what we say. I'm definitely doing this!

Did I Just Leave The Dollar Tree With That Many Bags?

High School Teachers

Classroom Procedures High School

High School Behavior Management

First Year Teaching High School

First Day Of Middle School Ideas

Classroom Organization High School English

High School Business Education

Classroom Management For High School

Middle School Math Classroom Ideas

7 Procedures Middle and High School Teachers Should Cover the First Week of School

7 Essential Procedures to Teach the First Week of School

Classroom Organization Elementary Ideas

Classroom Organization Second Grade

Storie Classroom

Classroom Economy 5Th Grade

Class Dojo 5Th Grade

6Th Grade Teacher

Kindergarten Classroom Procedures

Organize Your Classroom

3Rd Grade Classroom Organization

Classroom Rewards That Won't Break the Bank (FREEBIE) - If you're looking for creative ways to reward your students without digging into your pockets, check out these free reward coupons!

Classroom Rewards That Won't Break the Bank

Meet The Teacher Night 3Rd Grade

Back To School Ideas Third Grade

Morning Meetings 3Rd Grade

Beginning Of The School Year Third Grade

3Rd Grade Open House Ideas

Beginning Of School Year Ideas 4Th Grade

Beginning Of School Year Ideas 3Rd

Beginning Of The Year Second Grade

2Nd Grade Beginning Of The Year

Adventures of a 3rd Grade Teacher: Six Classroom Questions

Adventures of a 3rd Grade Teacher: Six Classroom Questions

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

4th Grade "Back to School" Unit, Introduction, Procedures, And More

Fourth Grade Procedures

4Th Grade Rules

Back To School 4Th Grade Activities

4Th Grade Crafts

Back To School Routines

Back To School Writing

Back To School Craft

Ashley'S School

School Unit

Start your 4th grade year off right, with these fun creative "back to school" activities! This unit includes introductory activities, procedural and expectation activities as well as exciting "get to know you" fun. From writing a "Top Twenty" hit about the expectations, to alliterating the rules, to a poster competition, or even creating a self-esteem timeline, your students will be fully engaged from day one. Move away from the same boring and dull "back to school routines and strategies…

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Teaching Classroom

School Teaching

Teaching Ideas

Classroom Ideas

Future Classroom

Classroom Bliss

Successful Classroom

Classroom Classics

Classroom Space

First day "get to know you" activity

Mrs. Smith Teaches Fifth: ClassroomPictures

Classroom Behavior Management System

Second Grade Behavior Management

Kindergarten Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom Management Kindergarten

Kindergarten Routines

Behavioral Management

Organizing Classroom

Behavior Classroom

Classroom Managment

Encourage students be silent in the hallways with these cute FREE certificates! | True Life I'm a Teacher

How to Keep a Chatty Class Quiet in the Hallways

Prek Parent Teacher Conference

Preschool Conference Ideas

Preschool Parent Conferences

Parent Teacher Reminder

Communication With Parents Teachers

Preschool Parent Teacher Conference Forms

Preschool Teacher Organization Ideas

Prek Teacher

Parent Notes

Parent Teacher Conference Tip: Send home Parent Teacher Conference Reminder form (paper) and an e-mail reminder. If you use SignUp Genius to schedule your conferences, it will automatically e-mail parents a reminder. I still send a paper reminder too so that I have less no-shows! :)

Parent Teacher Conferences: 8 MORE Tips for Successful Parent Teacher Conferences

Whiteboard Classroom Ideas

White Board Ideas Classroom

Miss 5Ths Whiteboard

Whiteboard Writings

Whiteboard Morning

Classroom Whiteboard

Whiteboard Prompts

Daily Classroom

Teachers Lounge Ideas

I had to go in and erase my white board question from yesterday because like I said I was a whole week ahead of myself. Although that was a total bummer on all parts (that Spring Break doesn't start tomorrow and that I had to erase my board) this board was a great make up both for writing the compliments and receiving some. ❤️ @miss5th thanks for all the great ideas! #iteach #iteachtoo #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #miss5thswhiteboard

Rose Petty on Instagram: “I had to go in and erase my white board question from yesterday because like I said I was a whole week ahead of myself. Although that was a…”

Calming Classroom Music

Music Classroom Boards

Calming Music

Calming Box

Quiet Classroom

Classroom Transitions

Classroom Videos

Music Smartboard Lessons

Kindergarten Smartboard

music box. Put on Smartboard when students arrive - they are silent as they watch and listen.

Whitney Music Box

Lirette'S Learning

Learning Detectives

Quantum Learning

Detectives Search

Modeling Learning

Learning Behavior

Behavior Tips

Management Ideas

Class Management

Transition music on the smartboard

transition music

Teacher Apple Printable

An Apple For The Teacher Poem

Apple Poem For Parents

Meet The Teacher Gift For Parents

Parent Apple

Parents Are Teachers Too

Making Parents

Parent Gift Ideas

Free Apple Printables

Welcoming Your New Parents {free gift tags}

Primary Press: Welcoming Your New Parents