pig usb-hub

Pig Buddy: Cutest USB Hub & Flash Drives Ever

Funny pictures about Piggy USB Hub. Oh, and cool pics about Piggy USB Hub. Also, Piggy USB Hub photos.

Great rainy day activity to entertain kiddos.  First do a science experiment, and then use the product to make homemade soaps for the tub!

Kitchen Craft: Soap Clouds! {And homemade kiddie tub soaps

Christmas milk cartons with different decoration - how fun!:)

wicked_designs : I will make custom book charm jewelry gift for $5 on www

Spirit jugs made from a white/clear light string and milk jugs. I think I will try glowsticks instead of string!

I need this shirt.

Grammar Nazi's Official Shirt!

25 Things to do with a Wiggly Toddler - This is such a great list and a great reminder of how important it is to play with your kids. I will be trying ALL OF THESE!

25 things to do with a wiggly toddler Put him in an empty bath tub, give him water colors and let him go. Put rice in a cake pan and let him pour from cup to cup. Put him outside everyday regardless of weather. And the list goes on.

Never would have thought of this!

They tested it and it actually worked. Now I just need to find someone patient enough to put my hair into a bunch of tin foil pouches, lol. Pinstrosity: Tin Foil Curls, Myth Foiled or Fantastic cant believe it really works def want to try