Most armor costumes you see (ex: Iron Man, Mass Effect, etc) are made of EVA Foam, cut and glued together, dremmeled for weathering, and painted. It's flexible, strong, formable, and cheap. EVA is commonly used in interlocking foam floor tiles from hardware stores, automotive centers, and even discount stores like Big Lots or used in yoga mats. It doesn't matter what color, you're going to paint it anyway! Mad props to BioWeapons for creating the happiest set of armored boobs I've ever seen!

kiantewench: theimmortalgodemperorofmankind: Must…restrain…plate armour fetish… I could totally be in Game of Thrones now!

Her rubber jewelry is so so beautiful! (Sorry it is in Dutch, but I think the pictures speak for themselves...)

armor..although this is lovely, in the age of King Arthur the companion knights' armour would have been leather. Decorative, but not metal.

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