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    Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness

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    Dollar Store Preps - Survival at Home

    Dollar Store Preps - Survival at Home

    How to Make Homemade Butter {Traditional Foods, Real Food, Primal, Healthy Recipes, Frugal Living, Real Food on a Budget}

    Homemade Butter - Our Small Hours

    Adult meds for children. Conversion chart for bug out bag.

    INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Adult meds for kids - Survival Mom

    Build a Bug Out Bag for Beginners: How Much Water Do You Need?

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    Tips For Buying a Cow (or pig, lamb, goat, etc) directly from the farmer. www.annsentitledl...

    We Bought Half A Cow –

    Emergency Menu - Amazing Grace Learning Centers | | Labor Day Style SaleCurrClick

    Free Emergency Menu for a Family of Six (7 Day No-Cook/Low-Cook)

    Target prices on staples, plus how much I keep on hand and how I store them.

    Grocery Shopping: Staples - Pulling Curls

    How To Get Common Antibiotics Without Prescription As a nurse practitioner I have to add : check the EXPIRATION date!!

    Fish Antibiotics for Human Use (no prescription required!)

    DIY Instant oatmeal packs - 60 packs for less than $4.00 and 10 minutes of your time

    Amy Loves Her Life!!!!: Who likes saving money?

    Mom with a PREP | When you're shopping for foods for your family, don't you always wish you could plan ahead a little and know when stuff was going to be on sale? Well, you totally can with knowing your sales cycles! And you can build your PREPared pantry while you're doing it!

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    Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration - Perhaps our ancient Irish ancestors used some of these techniques...

    Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration - outdoor self reliance

    Bug Out Bag for Baby - 72 hour kit for baby - Grab and Go Bag for Baby - whatever you call it, it makes the best baby shower gift ever - make sure baby is prepared! www.homesteadlady

    Bug Out Bag List for Baby

    Frugal Tips for Saving Money in 2014 - Little House Living

    Frugal Tips for Saving Money - Saving Money 2014 - Save Money

    car emergency kit

    Winter Organizing Tips

    I found everything I needed to make a decent first aid kit for under $10

    DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit - PreparednessMama

    5 Most Important Items In Your First Aid Kit!

    5 Most Important Items In Your First Aid Kit!

    How To Make a Natural First Aid Kit

    How To Make a Natural First Aid Kit » Nature Moms

    20 Natural Pain Killers - 1 Ginger-muscle pain 2 Apple Cider Vinegar-heartburn 3 Clove-toothache 4 Garlic-earache 5 Cherries-headache/joint pain 6 Fish-stomach pain 7 Grapes-back pain 8 Yogurt-prevents PMS 9 Oats-Endrometrial 10 Salt-foot pain 11 Pineapple-digestive upsets 12 Peppermint-muscle pain 13 Turmeric-chronic pain 14 Flax Seed-breast pain/soreness 15 Horseradish-sinus 16 Tomato Juice-leg cramps 17 Blueberries-bladder infections 18 Honey-mouth sores 19 Water-injuries 20 Coffee-migraines

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    The Homestead Survival: Do It Yourself Kitchen Garden Inspiration: Build an Amish Cold Frame

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    Natural healing if you get swimmers itch "Baking soda/Lavender bath. Add 1 cup of baking soda and 2 to 4 drops of Lavender to a warm bathtub of water. "

    Essentials From A Natural Mom

    Apply directly to skin to: 1. Treat Acne 2. Reduce puffiness on eyes 3. Use as a toner to lock in moisture and close pores! 4. Cure an itch from bug bites, poison oak, poison ivy, etc. 5. Reduce the appearance of Vericose veins 6. Treat hemorrhoids 7. Reduce inflammation 8. Treat swimmers ear 9. Heals bruises, bumps, & sprains while helping with pain! Also stops bleeding. 10. Treats sunburn

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    On a recent visit to a local farm, we learned about chickens and cows. But one thing I didn't expect to learn about finances!

    Financial Lessons From A Farmer - Thrifty T's Treasures

    Ultimate Camping Checklist. There are some things here I would not bring, but it's still a really comprehensive checklist and you can strike out what you're not planning on packing!

    50 Summer Camping Essentials

    The “Secret” To Making Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets!

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    Homemade Healing Antibacterial Cream: Like Homemade Neosporin® - Live Simply

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