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"If, for any reason, a student does not have their homework the day it is due they must fetch a yellow sheet from the envelope on the wall. They fill it out and turn it in the tray in place of the missing work. This yellow paper goes in my missing work binder. When the homework finally shows up, I keep half of the sheet in my binder and the other half gets stapled to the homework with the late score."

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Group Tables - These days group tables are considered to support students’ self-organized learning. While they are great for group or project work they have their disadvantages because some students permanently have their backs to the front and it might prove difficult to get their attention. Also there might be effects on students’ health if they constantly turn their heads to look to the front.

classroom organization...This is perfect for having community school supplies. I highly recommend this in the elementary classrooms

Word Search: Olympics: Torch (upper elem) - Word search designed for upper elementary students featuring winter olympic events and terms in a torch shape.

Random Fact of the Day App

Great way to increase your students' curiosity by displaying an interesting true piece of trivia on the Did You Know Board. Also introduces a Random Fact of the Day app to make it easier to find information for the board.

Teacher’s powerful lesson on the effects of bullying – using two apples – strikes a chord

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29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Use a Lowe’s toolbox to keep supplies in order on your desk. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers