This really works!! It guessed every one of mine!!

This is an online game which can guess a real or fictional character you're thinking of just by asking you 20 simple questions. It's creepy how often the genie's guesses are correct.even when challenged with super obscure characters

Samoyed, a good hypoallergenic dog and they look like little polar bears!

Samoyed, a good hypoallergenic dog and they look like little polar bears! I want a polar bear dog!

Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

Restore Your Faith In Humanity. (only things wrong w this is the person talkin about being charitable I don't like that do your alms in silence . Also bagel Jesus? How about bagel guy?

AWE ..So precious!!!

Funny pictures about Sleeping buddies. Oh, and cool pics about Sleeping buddies. Also, Sleeping buddies.

Oh my gosh. It's a wave rider! How awesome would that be?!

It's a wave rider! Ok what exactly is a wave rider and can I bring it to the wave pool in the summer?


White leopard , this is the most beautiful big cat ( or any other creature in nature ) beautiful but deadly ✔️

Great Gifts for Geeks…

Great Gifts for Geeks…I want to try some of these! And technically this is nerd stuff not geek stuff

Precise detail to blend with nature...only God!    gorgeous

18 Beauty Realistic Art Photography From Nature Life – Daily Creative Inspiration - Way To Be Happy

This is Venus, she's a Chimera cat and technically, her own twin! She's the result of four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or two embryos fused together). The two separate organisms had already started to develop, so that's why some features of both remained in this one amazing kitty! FREAKING SWEEEET!!!!

Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat. This is a chimera cat, who is it's own fraternal twin. (When two fertilized eggs fuse together).