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40 Steps to Easily Get Out the Door With Kids- Oh, Honestly!

40 steps to easily get out the door with kids - Oh, Honestly!


Paper/Pencil Battleship - perfect for road trips!

Battle Ships Instructions


A curation of the all-time best children's books from old classics to new-found favorites.

Read All About It! Our 50 All-Time Favorite Children's Books


Books about food - these can open up a discussion about healthy eating or just be great fun reads!

18 Picture Books About Food - No Time For Flash Cards


17 Wonderful Multicultural Picture Books About Food (and most books have recipes!) :: PragmaticMom

17 Wonderful Multicultural Picture Books About Food


More than 11 book ideas to help kids focus on and learn about God! DELIGHTFUL MOM STUFF: Books That Encourage Kids to Focus on God!

DELIGHTFUL MOM STUFF: Books That Encourage Kids to Focus on God!


Purchase a new Bible a year before your childs event—perhaps their 16th birthday or high school graduation. Then, take a year to read through it with a Bible reading plan making notations in the margin written specifically to your child. Make comments about the verse’s special significance. Mention how you’ve seen a truth of scripture lived out in their life. Warn them of pitfalls. Encourage them with favorite verses underlined. Then, on their big day, wrap it up and give it to them as a gif...

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10 things to tell my son before he is 16

You think that you have told your kids everything, but are you telling them the most important things?


How To Set Up A Playroom to promote learning and play. Where do your kids play the most in your house?

How To Set Up A Playroom


The science of raising happy kids. #parenting

This Infographic Reveals How to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids


How To: Modern Haircut for Boys @themerrythought

How To: Modern Boy's Haircut


what you must teach to little ones who share rooms with babies

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Some of these are kind of out there, but I am all about teaching kids chores... Age Appropriate Chores for Children, 12-18 months, 18 months - 3 years, 3 to 4 years, by Jacaranda Tree Montessori

Age Appropriate Chores for Children - Jacaranda Tree Montessori



Online Psychology Degree: 2014's Top Accredited Programs


Who doesn't love building an indoor #fort? Grab the fam, break out into teams and get the fort party started. #FamilyGames

How to Build the Ultimate Indoor Fort - The Allstate Blog


14 CHILDREN’S BOOKS WITH MULTIRACIAL FAMILIES...Books for kids with multiracial and biracial families...For this list, I chose picture books with a variety of faces from mixed race families. Sometimes, the racial identity of the character is noted, other times, it is merely part of the story’s backdrop. One notable (and awesome) feature is that may of these books emphasis the importance of intergenerational relationships

14 Children's Books with Multiracial Families


A toolbox-inspired dresser for a manly little boy's room

My Way Momma: Holden's Garage...A Vintage Nursery


Bedtimes by Age. Just came across this, quite a good guide.

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21 Ways to Stop Yelling - Little Us


6 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Stay in Bed -- so you can get some sleep! http://thestir.cafemom.com/toddler/167030/6_tricks_to_getting_your?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=pinterest&utm_content=thestir

6 Tricks to Getting Your Toddler to Sleep in His Own Bed


What are your kids going to call their grandparents? Here's a list that covers almost ALL the options. #baby #grandma #grandpa

Ultimate List of Names for Grandparents