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Big able to play softball is important to me because there was a time where you couldn't play any sport if you where a girl and this in one of few sports that serrate us girls from boys.

That's me for softball

Two girls from my daughter's team this weekend before comp, one was my daughter, the other ended up in the ER across the street without hitting the comp floor when she went down in warm ups with an ankle injury. Lots of ice for mine, cast for the other.

Funny softball post

OMG yasss or is softball easier than baseball?<<<<<exactly and when people say that softball must be easier than baseball because it's soft!

Its funny cuz thts a baseball field and is pointed towards softball.that's OK cause a blue is a blue whether it's softball or baseball!

I lost this pin and then I found it again. Im serious for months Ive been thinking of watermelons like this! !

The 4 Elemelons // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Toph now has a valid Melonlord starement lol