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    Project 2996

    In honor of the 11th Anniversary of September 11th, we thought that it would be great to celebrate the lives of the victims of September 11th via pictures and tibutes to their lives and the legacies that they have left behind. If you'd like to join our pinning efforts please leave a comment and we'll be glad to invite you. You can also contact us at the contact page on the Project 2996 website or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

    Project 2996

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    Crew and Passengers killed on 9/11 -- Flight 93 National Memorial Visitors Center to open Sept. 10, 2015

    Philip Rosenzweig of Acton, an employee of Sun Microsystems, was among the victims killed in the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 at the World Trade Center in New York City on Tuesday. He was 47. Mr. Rosenzweig was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and graduated from high school in Hewlett, N.Y. He was a 1976 graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he obtained a degree in computer science. Mr. Rosenzweig moved to the Boston area to begin his career at Data General.

    Alicia Nicole Titus- 28, was a flight attendant on United Airlines #flight175. Her father wrote, "She live life to the fullest and manage to pack a lot into her short 28 years and 3 months... She had so much to give and such a gentle true spirit." (see www.brokenhearttr...) Check out the #project2996 tribute at: saucyusa.blogspot... #9/11

    Captain Victor Saracini- 51, was the pilot United Airlines #flight175. Victor's wife said that he was a lifelong learner. Serving in the Navy, he trained as a pilot. Check out the #project2996 tribute at kjw-today.blogspo... #9/11

    Amy King- 29, was a flight attendant on United Airlines #flight175. #project2996 #9/11 Amy was on the flight along with Michael Tarrou, who was also working that flight, the two of them had been dating for two plus years. Although nobody knows about the two getting engaged, Michael's dad said that "They were engaged, in their own way." #project2996 #9/11

    First Officer Thomas McGuinness- 42, was First Officer on American Airlines #flight11. Two days before his senior prom, Tom made the life altering decision to ask out the woman that would eventually marry him after college. In another monumental decision, Tom, his wife, son, and daughter moved from California to back to Portsmouth, N.H. Check out the #project2996 tribute at: #9/11

    Alfred G. Maryland- 44, flight attendant on United Airlines #flight175. Alfred spent 21 years in law enforcement before retiring and starting a new career as a flight attendant. His friend, Connie Lane said "He just decided to do something really different. It really surprised us." Check out the #project2996 tribute at kjw-today.blogspo... #9/11

    Captain John Ogonowski- 52, was the pilot on American Airlines #flight11. He lived on a 150 acre farm north of Boston with his wife and 3 daughters. Check out the #project2996 tribute at: www.freedomszone.... #9/11

    Captain Jason Dahl- 43, was the Pilot on United Airlines #flight93. He was a flight instructor at United's Denver training center and had scheduled himself to captain the flight to keep his flight certification current. Check out this #project2996 tribute at dadoughkids.blogs... #9/11

    Leroy Hunter- 36, was First Officer on United Airlines #flight93. His mother said that he was born to fly, even as a toddler, he'd try to talk his parents into staying longer on trips that they made to the air port, so he could watch the planes taking off and landing. "He learned how to fly before he learned how to drive," his mother said. #project2996 #9/11

    David M. Charlebois- 39, was the First Officer on American Airlines #flight77. David's niece, Danielle Lamb said, Uncle David was the shining star in our family. Whenever he walked into a room, it always brightened up." Check out the #project2996 tribute to David at kjw-today.blogspo... #9/11

    Betty Ong was a flight attendant on American Airlines #flight11. Betty had the presence of mind to call American Airlines when things started to turn horrible, and stayed on the phone with the company’s ground crew for more than twenty minutes. Her sister Cathie Ong said, "She saw the humor and loved to bring out the humor. And she just loved to laugh." Check out this #project2996 tribute to her dadoughkids.blogs... #9/11

    The Rev. Mychal Judge- 68 was a fire chaplain with the FDNY died @ WTC. He was so many things to so many people. He was a Catholic priest, a recovering alcoholic, friend to the firefighting community, and so much more. He had 23 years of sobriety when he died. Check out the #P2996 tribute to him at #9/11

    Arthur Joseph Jones III- 37, was a metals trader at Carr Futures @ WTC. Arty, as he was known, enjoyed NASCAR and was a big New York Rangers fan. Ossining, NY has named the "Arthur J. Jones Park" in his honor. Arty attended Hamilton College and was well liked by his fraternity brothers there. #9/11 #project2996

    Arnold A. Lim- 28, worked as an analyst at Fiduciary Trust International @ WTC. Arnold was the youngest of three brothers. His brother Jorge was nearly 10 years older "I remember changing his diaper, cleaning up after him..I remember the first time that he went to kindergarten, everyone had fun because I was the one who used to go on a lot of school field trips with him." His family threw him an engagement party two weeks before September 11th. #9/11 #project2996

    Arlene T Babakitis- 47, worked for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey @ WTC. Arlene and her elder sister, Evelyn Pettignano, were pregnant with their first children at the same time. They would both take the same path and train to their jobs in the morning, "When you see two pregnant women walking together, you would really see the looks". Shortly before September 11th, Arlene was able to move into her first home along with her 2 sons, a very proud moment for them! #9/11 #project2996

    Arlene Eva Fried- 49, Vice President and assistant general counsel at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. Arlene was a wife and mother of three daughters. In 1990 when her youngest daughter was in kindergarten, she decided to go to law school. She graduated from Columbia Law School and went to work. She was the daughter of Hungarian-born Holocaust survivors (who were burdened with the further loss of their daughter). #9/11 #project2996

    Arkady Zaltsman- 45, Architect with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill @ WTC. He moved from Moldova with his wife and daughter in 1990. Family friends Luiz Fishberg and Marilla Sant'Anna de Almedia said "Arkady Zaltsman, a gifted architect, devoted his career to design buildings, not destroy them. He has always struggled to build something to endure, to inspire a community to celebrate the triumph of kindness and human will over terror, fear, adversity, prejudice, and intolerance." #9/11 #project2996

    Arcelia Castillo- 49, was a junior accountant at Marsh & McLennan at WTC. She was a single mother, raising two kids and she was a proud grandmother. She went from not speaking an English when she immigrated to the U.S. at 20 to being only a few credits shy getting an Associates Degree from Union County College. She proudly kept all of the letters from her son from when he was in the Marine Corps boot camp, including one where he told her that she was his hero. #9/11 #project2996

    Ariel Lous Jacobs- 29, was the Executive Vice President of the U.S. Operations of Caplin Systems @ WTC. He was a newlywed, married on September 23, 2000 and he was expecting his first child. Cathy Beebe, a friend said that "Ari could always make you smile. His smile and humor were infectious." Six days after the attack, Ari's son was born. #9/11 #project2996

    Arcangel Vazquez- 47, worked in maintence at Fiduciary Trust Internatonal @ WTC. He was a father and grandfather, active at his church, St. Barbara's Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn. Ms. Munez from his church called him, "a comforting friend for everybody." He was last seen helping people leave the 96th and 97th floors. #9/11 #project2996

    Aram Iskendarian- 41, was Vice President of Global Risk Management at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. Aram was a husband and father of four. Aram met his wife in high school and later the two would marry. She said, "He was a very hands-on dad, very patient, very even-tempered, very giving." #9/11 #project2996

    Antonio Melendez- 30, worked at Windows on the World @ WTC. I found very little information on Antonio, other than that he was originally from Mexico. I'd like to learn more about Antonio's life. #9/11 #project2996

    Antonio Jose Carrusca Rodrigues- 35, was a police officer with the Port Authoriy of New York and New Jersey (@ WTC). Originally from Portugal, he was a husband and father to a son and daughter. He was a painter and designed a t-shirt for his graduating class with caricatures of the graduates on the back. #911 #project2996

    Antonio Javier Alvarez- 23 worked as a grill cook at Windows on the World @ ATC. He was a husband and father of a son. He liked to play soccer with friends or join a pickup basketball game in his neighborhood. #911 #project2996