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Project 2996

In honor of the 11th Anniversary of September 11th, we thought that it would be great to celebrate the lives of the victims of September 11th via pictures and tibutes to their lives and the legacies that they have left behind. If you'd like to join our pinning efforts please leave a comment and we'll be glad to invite you. You can also contact us at the contact page on the Project 2996 website or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Sunday Morning Coffee: A Life Remembered - CeeCee Ross Lyles

The Gonzo Mama: Project 2,996: Remember Christopher Zarba

The Gonzo Mama: Project 2,996: Remember Renee Newell

Stephanie McKenna- 45, worked in the accounting department of Reinsurance Solutions @ WTC. She was a Treker, an avid reader, and her son meant the world to her. #911 #project2996

Virginia M. Jablonski- 49, Assistant Vice President at Marsh & McLennan @ WTC. She and her husband got up early on September 11th to watch the International Space Status overhead from their garden. #911 #project2996

Margaret S. Lewis- 49 working at a legal secretary at the Port Authority of NY & NJ, @ WTC. Her brother, Kevin Lewis said Atlantic City was her second home and the Bahamas was probably her third. #911 #project2996

John G. Farrell- 32, was a Vice President and Partner at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. He had a way of dealing with his grandma who suffered from Alzheimer's, when others were at their wits end. #911 #project2996

Faustino Apostol Jr.- 55, Firefighter with the New York Fire Department. With 28 years on the force, he had joked that he would only quit when it stopped being fun. He married his high school girlfriend, was a father, and a grandfather. #911 #project 2996.

Kathryn Anne Shatzoff- 37, Consultant's assistant, Marsh & McLennan @ WTC. She was not a collector, but her husband, who owned a comic book store got her started collecting by giving her a Barbie doll. This was all it took for the Barbie interest that she has since childhood to kick in. #911 #project2996

Gregory James Malone- 42, worked for Maxcor/Euro Brokers @ WTC. This long term bacthelor found love in hs fiancee, Fionia prior to September 11th. Grizzly Mama wrote a nice tribute for him as part of Project 2996, you can find it here... grizzlymama.blogs... #911 #project2996

Bojan Kostica- 34, Sales Trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. Originally from Belgrade, he fell in love with New York when he visited while going to college. His fiancee said "He loved it -- the energy, the excitement, everything about the city." #911 #project2996

Peter J. O'Neill Jr.- 21, employed at Sandler O'Neill & Partners @ WTC. He was training to be a bond trader. He was also a volunteer firefighter in Amityville, where they have dedicated a truck in his memory. #911 #project2996

Irina Buslo- 32, Administrative Assitant at Fuji Bank @ WTC. Once a teacher in Belrus before moving to New York, she started life in New York as a baby sitter, then a job at Banana Republic, before landing her job at Fuji. This job allowed her to send more money back home to her mother. She was the mother of a 13 year old daughter. #911 #project2996.

Pictures of 911 victimes from Long Island from Newsday. #911 #project2996 ...

Andrew Cross Abate- 37, employed at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. Andrew and his older brother Vincent both died on that fatefule day and both worked for Canter Fitzgerald. There is a nice story about the two of them at Newsday. #911 #project2996

Anthony Joseph Coladonato- 47, Vice President at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. There is a nice description of the relationship that he shared with his wife at the Legacy tribute. #911 #project2996

David E. Rivers- 40, editorial director at Risk Waters Group, who were holding a conference @ WTC. Husband and father. Astology Mundo wrote a nice tribute where the picture comes from also see www.voicesofsepte... #911 #project2996

Peter J. Ganci, Jr., Chief of the FDNY. Died in line of duty, 9/11, one of 343 FDNY members killed that day. He was in the first tower when it collapsed, & made it out alive to enter the 2nd one where he perished. "What then is our duty? What the day demands.." Goethe

Ryan Daniel Fitzgerald- 26 foreign currency trader at Fiduciary Trust @ WTC Voices of September 11th list two scholarships that have been set up in memory of Ryan. See www.voicesofsepte... #911 #project 2996

Army Specialist Craig Amundson- 28, Multimedia illustrator for deputy chief of staff of personnel, U.S. Army @ the Pentagon. Married with 2 kids. Tribute by Writer Chick. #911 #project2996

Shai Levinhar; finished an executive M.B.A. program in July, just in time to clear his schedule for a new passion. His daughter, Sapir Natalie, was born Aug. 2, 2001; @ the #WTC; #911 #september11th #project2996 publish in THE NEW YORK TIMES

Paul Lisson, 45-year-old records clerk; he was the one who collected the money and bought the cake when someone had a birthday; @ the #WTC; #911 #september11th #project2996 publish in THE NEW YORK TIMES

Charles Francis Xavier Heeran, 23, little more than a year out of college he had risen quickly as a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald; loved to be with his family; @ the #WTC; #911 #september11th #project2996 publish in THE NEW YORK TIMES

Donald James McIntyre, 39, a Port Authority police officer for 15 years; multitasker before the term became trendy; he was the sort of husband even the neighbors couldn't seem to get enough of: he shoveled driveways, ran errands, played Mr. Fix-it; @ the #WTC; #911 #september11th #project2996 publish in THE NEW YORK TIMES