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In honor of the 11th Anniversary of September 11th, we thought that it would be great to celebrate the lives of the victims of September 11th via pictures and tibutes to their lives and the legacies that they have left behind. If you'd like to join our pinning efforts please leave a comment and we'll be glad to invite you. You can also contact us at the contact page on the Project 2996 website or leave a comment on our Facebook page.
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Jennifer Lynn Tzemis- 26, was a financial analyst at Fred Alger Management at the WTC. Jennifer's sister Sophie tells a story of a cab ride she had and how the cab driver swore that he knew her and it turned out that he knew Jennifer and was married to one of Jennifer's best friends from Cornell University. Coincidence, in a city of 10 million plus you wonder about the odds. #Project2996 see the P2996 tribute at :

Jeffrey Stark- 30, was a firefighter with the Engine Co. 230 of the Bedford- Stuyvestant section of Brooklyn who died at the WTC. He graduated from the Fire Academy in May 1999 and joined his brothers, John and Joseph on the NYC Fire Department. He was an outdoorsman, who enjoyed hunting, fly fishing, and was an avid reader. #Project2996 Read more at:

Joseph G. Visciano- 22, was a trader at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods at the WTC. He was the godfather to his three year old nephew. He was a center on the Monsignor Farrell High School football team. He was huge sports fan, rooting for the Jets. #Project2996 see more at:

Kenneth W. White- 50, was a telephone technician working at Cantor Fitzgerald at the WTC. Kenneth enjoyed his sailboat, sitting in it looking at the Manhattan skyline When his four kids were growing up, he was a little league coach and soccer too. He met his wife at the US Air Force base in Wiesbaden, Germany. #Project2996 See the P2996 tribute at:

Barbara P. Walsh- 59, was an administrative assistant at Marsh & McLennan at the WTC. She was a grandmother who loved to cook and garden. Her cousin said that she was the sister she never had, who made her feel part of her family. #Project2996 see her P2996 tribute at:

Myrna Yaskulka- 59, was an executive secretary at Fred Alger Management at the WTC. She was mother of three sons, took care of her own mother, and was a proud grandmother. She did like shopping and had a hundred pairs of sunglasses.#Project2996 see the P2996 tribute at:

Olabisi Layeni Yee- 38, was working as an assistant office manager at the International Office Centers at the WTC. Olabisi the mother of a son and daughter. She was born in Liberia before coming to Brooklyn. Olabisi survived the attacks in 1993. she managed to make about half a dozen calls out between the moment of impact and when the second tower fell. #Project2996 read more at:

Patrick Woods- 36, was a carpender installing cubicles at the WTC. He was close to his two brothers, they did everything together. His brothers believe that he probably tried to be a hero in the midst of all the chaos. #Project2996 see his P2996 tribute at:

Harry Taback- 56, was a risk manager at March & McLennan at the WTC. He as father to three daughters and a granddaughter (at the time of this death). His family had taken a cruise near southern California and the Mexican Riveria and another was planned for the winter. As an avid golfer he was a member of the Forest Gate Country Club and a lifelong New York Giants fan. #Project2996 read more at:

Edwin Zambrana Jr.- 24, was working at the WTC as part of Project Renewal, a contractor handling recycling. He loved playing basketball and was a big Michael Jordon fan. His father Eddie Sr. was working at the WTC and helped get him the job. His dad was able to make it out of the towers. #Project2996 See the P2996 tribute at:

John Talignani- 74, was a passenger on United flight# 93. He was a cook, pizzeria owner, and later a bartender at Manhattan's Palm Too Restaurant. He had three stepsons. He schmoozed with Dick Clark and some of the other famous New Yorker while at a Manhatten steakhouse. #Project2996 See his P2996 profile at:

Maurita Tam- 22, was an executive assistant at Aon Corp at the WTC. She was a wiz in languge, being fluent in Japanese, Korean. She learned Cantonese and Mandarin as well as French. She earned a degree in Economics from Amherst, and was only at her job one month before the attacks. #Project2996 You can read more about her at:

Lisa L. Trerotola- 36, was an administrative assistant at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey at the WTC. Lisa was up till 2 am before September 11th, working on a handmade canvas bookbag for her three year old daughter, so that she could present it to her before going to work that day. Lisa's mother suggested that she get into her own craft business.#Project2996 You can read more about her at:

Darryl A. Taylor- 52, was a computer systems analyst with General Telecom at the WTC. I haven't seen a whole lot of information about Darryl, so I'm curious to fill in more of the picture of who he was. At one site two other Darryl Taylors commented that they found a tribute to him via Google. #Project2996

Kenneth W. Van Auken- 47, was a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald at the WTC. He was married to Lorie and father to a son and daughter. Luis wrote at the Cantorfamiles tribute, "Ken was know for his wry wit, his integrity and his intelligence. He could build anything and fix everything. He was an involved, affectionate and amazing father to our children." #Project2996 The Cantorfamily profile is at:

John James Badagliacca- 35, was a bond salesman at Cantor Fitzgerald at the WTC. A cousin said, "I will remember John as always happy, always a smile on his face. He was quick with a joke, always laughing. I don't think that I ever saw him sad." (from CNN September 11 A Memorial" at: #Project2996

Andrew Garcia- 62, was president and founder of Cinco Group, Inc and was one of the passengers on United flight# 93.He and with Dorthy had two daughters and a son. Three months after the crash, the FBI presented Dorthy with his wedding ring, all nicely wrapped in velvet. #Project2996 A P2996 tribute can be found at:

Todd Beamer- 32, was an account manager with Oracle. He was on United flight# 93. Todd was the father of two boys and his wife, Lisa was pregnant at the time of his death, giving birth 4 months later.He played baseball at Fresno State before transferring to Wheaton Collage where he met Lisa. He was talking with an operator for the last 13 minutes of the flight. His final last words were "Let's roll" #Project2996 See a P2996 tribute at:

Jeffrey Patrick Walz- 37 was with the Ladder 9 Engine 33 in East Village. He left a promising career as an electrical engineer in the navy to become a firefighter. His father had also been a firefighter. He met his future wife at a Halloween party. Jeffrey was the father of a thee year old son. #Project2996 See a P2996 tribute at:

Lorraine BAy- 58, was on the flight crew of United flight# 93. She was married and with United for 37 years. A niece of hers said, "She was like everyone's favorite aunt who came to visit, brought you a present, talke to you, spent time with you...She was that way with passengers too." #Project2996 See her P2996 tribute at:

Michael Tarrou- 38, was on the flight crew of United flight# 175 along with his fiancée, Amy King. His love of flyng second only to his love of making music. #Project2996 See his P2996 tribute at:

Deborah A. Welsh- 49, was on the flight crew United flight# 93. Her husband said that "she had an incredible knack to make anybody she met feel like they knew her their entire lives". She was able to hear a song and play it on the piano or guitar by ear. #Project2996

Sandra W. Bradshaw- 38, was on the flight crews of United flight# 93. She was a wife and mother to two kids (3 and 1), who had cut back on her hours so she could spend more time with her young children. She called her husband and told him that she was boiling water to throw at the attackers. #Project2996

Amy N. Jarret- 28, was on the flight crew of United# 175. She went to Villanova, becoming a flight attendant largely due to a scarity of jobs when she graduate. She was engaged to her college sweetheart. #Project2996

Renee Ann May- 39 was on the flight crew of American flight# 77. Besides being a flight attendant, she was a docent for the Walters Are Museum in Baltimore. Her finance said that she loved to give tours to you visitors there. #Project2996 See her P2996 tribute at