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Jacobean Jumble – A Stitch Fun Sampler Pattern

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Jacobean Jumble embroidery pattern

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Every once in awhile Urban Threads puts out a free pattern. I <3 Urban Threads. This definitely isn't your Grandma's embroidery, ;) Love and Cupcakes | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

Love and Cupcakes

Stitchy Britches

Hoot Hoot

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My Owl Barn: Owl Love You: Embroidery Pattern

My Owl Barn: Owl Love You: Embroidery Pattern

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Owl by Andrea Zuill

Junes Free Pattern! « Andrea Zuill’s Blog

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This is a free digi stamp to use for scrapbooking...but they make great hand embroidery patterns as well. THis one is too cute for Valentines Day.

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fawn pattern

Free Embroidery Pattern: Fawn

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Simple Snowman · Cross-Stitch |

Simple Snowman | Cross-Stitch |

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CraftSkullPattern Atomic SKull freebie pattern...I <3 unique!

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Flamingo Toesfrom Flamingo Toes

Gothic Halloween Cameo Embroidery -

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Free downloadable pattern for this awesome embroidery. I think I will do it on cream colored material and then cut it out around the scrollwork then blanket stitch it to piece of felt cut in the same pattern, put a pin back on it and TA DA..real cameo...sort of, :). Gothic Halloween Cameo Embroidery » Flamingo Toes

Gothic Halloween Cameo Embroidery -

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Needle in a Haystack: IT'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Free Christmas Embroidery Pattern; Learn How to "Back Stitch"

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Okay so this pattern is not free, but it's awesome and only 7 bucks. I just didn't want to make ANOTHER pin board for my embroidery addiction, lol........Matryoshki Muertos | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

Matryoshki Muertos

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ANother awesome free pattern from UrbanTHreads...<3 that site! Other than their unique and modern designs, the thing I <3 the most about UrbanThreads is that the designs aren't just for machine embroidery. THey all come in hand embroidery patterns too and you can also order the stock art!

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FREE Stitching Guide from WIndflower. This is a site primarily for stumpwork, but this stitch guide is good for all hand embroidery. Very detailed instructions and lists of what to use that particular stitch for.

FREE Stitching Guide

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Free patterns: Travel ·

Free patterns: Travel | Needlework News |

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Cross Stitch Elephant Pattern

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There are three free Russian Blackwork patterns on this page. I just <3 the elephant! There's also a hummingbird and a classic Russian design.

Russian Blackwork: Free Blackwork patterns

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Free Brazilian

Embroidery Wonderful

Free 3-D or Dimensional Embroidery or Stump work (whatever you want to call it) pdf instructions. I just <3 dimensional's sort of my thing right now.

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Great, whimisical free embroidery pattern on this page. The instructions are for dyeing the string...but go to the bottom of the instructions and click on the either the pic of the pattern or the pic of the finished product and you will be taken to a page to download the .pdf pattern file.

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Corvus tristis: Science, Craft and an Odd Birdfrom Corvus tristis: Science, Craft and an Odd Bird


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Cephalopdia embroidery patterns...that means they are of cephalopods like squid, ocutpus and cuttle fish...and all three are made into embroidery patterns here. Very unique...I <3 unique.

Cephalopodia | Corvus tristis: Science, Craft and an Odd Bird

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Bow Tie Applique Pattern

Free tie embroidery patterns by wildolive. So cute..but I think I will skip the cutesy little faces on them.

Wild Olive: pattern: ties for dad

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These are listed as free digital stamps to use for scrapbooking...but....I think they are perfect for hand embroidery

Sandie Goble's Printable Heaven Blog: Free Fairy Digital Stamps

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Hibiscus flowers to embroider

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Elephant Pulltoy

Pattern Elephant

pulltoy. Very cute free hand embroidery pattern.

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Free patterns: Hand-embroidery · Needlework News | There are page after page of these on this site. All free for personal use!

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Catalicious Quilt

Free, hand embroidery pattern with full stitch and color suggestions. So cute and country.

BRUTUS the Ninth- part a. - Red Brolly

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Pinecone Pattern

Persevering Pinecone Pattern by wildolive, via Flickr

Wild Olive: the tenth woodlanders embroidery pattern...