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What if each of the squad members had a twin that the villain's recruited so that when the real ones died they could trick her into working for them - or to capture her.

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Body language cheat sheet�- some are just strange but others are actually pretty good.

Body language cheat sheet…


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"I was seven years old when my teacher told me that the most colorful insects were also the most venomous ones and I was sixteen years old when I looked into your green eyes and realized that he had been right all along."

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33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters (and why they should be your #1 concern)

One of the most popular debates in the literary world, especially among writers, is whether or not characters or plot are more important to the overall success of a story. After all, most writers want to focus their time and energy solely on gripping their readers so that they can create an enthusiastic fanbase for their work. They need to know what they should focus on. Believing that either characters or plot is more important to the success of a story could greatly change the way…

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No, I missed who I thought you were. Who I made you out to be in my mind. But…

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Make this so that it isn't a surprise. The MC has been friends with the monster under their bed for years. LINK THIS to the prompt about slaying the monster under your bed to enter adulthood. This MC never killed the monster because they were friends. Together they faked it and they have been friends ever since.

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