Sweetie Martini - It's a delicious blend of creamy white chocolate, amaretto, and vanilla! Perfect for Valentines' Day.

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Sweetie Martini Recipe Via Inspired By Charm Ingredients: 2 ounces vanilla vodka 2 ounces Godiva white chocolate liqueur 1 ounce amaretto liqueur ounce grenadine 2 ounces half and half Honey and sprinkles for garnish

Emerald cut center stone in blaze mounting by Bez ambar.

What are the properties of emerald cut engagement rings? What are the designs of emerald cut engagement rings? We will try to explain about emerald cut rings.

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings are popular this season. Look for large black diamond centers with halos. Rose Cut black diamonds are a popular shape.

Black diamond ring. Gorgeous

This is a white topaz, but it's the idea. Either black diamond with a white/clear diamond halo or a white/clear diamond with a black halo.

Black diamond <3

Do you know black diamond engagement rings' meaning? Black diamonds present a beautiful and sophisticated alternative to traditional white diamond and gemstone engagement rings.

black diamond ring

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