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Bill Murray

joseph scissorhands: Flower Beards & Facial Foliage, I'm impressed that even actor Bill Murray has seen fit to give the trend a try, albeit in a very modest way.

Seemingly pristine... I feel more excited to see he is human.

fuck you neighbor ~T~ My husband and I were at a Child Development conference and my sister snapped a picture of my husband with Mr. Rodgers after he opened the conference. He really had a funny sense of humor. Who knew?


Mouth watering cooking, funny presentation and cool destinations in Travel Channel's "No Reservations" with great cook Anthony Bourdain

Alan Rickman

scribe-proxy-and-deadpan-snarker: “ Alan Rickman, Private Lives, Albery Theatre, 2001 “Alan remarked that many signs backstage in the British theatre, are there to remind you of what not to do.” > “ Resolution I will try to understand why Heaven.

Liam Neeson

I even like the previous post, "Liam Neeson. This man gets sexier the older he gets! Young actors don't know how to be men yet, which is why I prefer older actors with character and intensity.

George Carlin

Very Funny George Carlin ~ I See Blue People


A young Sean Connery relaxing on the couch. Photos that prove that people had more class in the past.

Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour, CBE is the Chief International Correspondent for CNN and host of CNN International's nightly interview program Amanpour. She's also a Global Affairs Anchor of ABC News.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris neuroscientist author of The Moral Landscape, Free Will. Proponent of "New Atheism".


166 Years after his Mysterious Death: A Brief Insight into the Fascinating Life of Edgar Allan Poe - For Reading Addicts

Doc Holliday / Val Kilmer /

Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday [Tombstone] Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday [Tombstone] Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday [Tombstone]

Kassem G

he has that funny/ahole personality I love :)

Christoph Waltz

CHRISTOPH WALTZ I was watching 'Django Unchained' last night and suddenly developed a little crush on him.lovely eyes and fine beard