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cover with foil and there you have it. bake or grill (Another way to do tin foil dinners! YUM!)

Foil meals in pie pans instead of tin foil packets, dirtying up pots&pans, and no dirty dishes. can cook any thing in these pie tins.

Chocolate Crepe Cake,  I made one of these just ONE time... oh my, patience is required but sooooo good and very impressive!

Chocolate Crepe Stack Cake - the red cherries and green mint leaves on frosty white icing would be a lovely (and supe easy) way to decorate any Christmas cake.

Strawberry Papaya Smoothie - Primavera Kitchen

This delicious Strawberry Papaya Smoothie is dairy-free, loaded with vitamins and fiber. It has natural sweetness from the fruits and coconut milk.

Kiwi Blueberry Mojito

Kiwi Blueberry Mojito Recipe ~ made with fresh kiwis, blueberries, lime, mint leaves, sparkling water. No rum for anouther 14 yrs! She Loves blueberries and kiwi ( sub sparkling water for sprite)