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a person holding a cell phone in their hand and writing something on the paper next to them
Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_real) on Threads
Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_real) on Threads
the words drawing a synthesizer in mdi live - youtube tube on a blue background
Drawing a Synthesizer in MIDI - Live!
Drawing a Synthesizer in MIDI - Live! - YouTube
a woman with long hair posing in front of a stone wall holding her finger to her lips
Helen Jane Long Official
Helen Jane Long Official - YouTube
Attic Trophy Fashion, Attic, Trophy, Style
Attic Trophy
Attic Trophy
a black and white photo of a paper airplane tattoo on the left forearm, with an arrow in the middle
Simple, But Cool
Simple, But Cool
This Guy Is Insane!
This Guy Is Insane!
the human face puppet is purple and black
HUMAN FACE Puppet !!!
Puppet Maker Barnaby Dixon Shows Off His Amazing New Puppet With a Tiny Human Face
a man standing next to a lit up toy
Puppet Prodigy Barnaby Dixon Shows Off His Amazing New Glow-in-the-Dark Bug Puppet
I can watch this all day
I can watch this all day
a woman standing in the dark with her hands on her hips
the reflection of an old dresser in its mirror
They Start as Old Keys and Coins, But After Some Elbow Grease, They Become Amazing Sculptures
Even discarded keys and coins can be turned into beautiful art with some creativity and the right sort of know-how. Michael (or Moerkey), an artist in Australia, does exactly that, turning discarded keys and coins into bottles, lampshades and other beautiful recycled metal sculptures.
an intricately designed car is parked on the street
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Incredible bug body from a Croatian metalwork shop…
the sculpture is made out of wire and has a man standing in front of it
Anonymity CCCLVI (Judit Rabozky)