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Garden arts & crafts

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Reader's favourite garden art projects of 2012

A circle of chicken wire over the top of a mason jar acts as a flower "frog" to support stems in a bouquet.

Upcycle an old hamster cage into a birdcage planter.

Fill a clay pot with seed packets, use the saucer as a lid and tie with ribbon.

Canning Jar Lid "pumpkin" from Simply Klassic Home

A peacock in your garden with wine bottles. So cute.

  • Jericha Elwell
    Jericha Elwell

    mom needs this Poppy Elwell

DIY Wall Decor

Great support with twigs

painted wood slices

garden art from old spoons

Funnel + old coffee can = birdhouse.

Checker table

Easy Mod Podge French pots

Mason Jar Oil Lamp

  • Carolyn Dixon
    Carolyn Dixon

    Liked the jar full of pine cones and oil for a lamp on this page

  • Hameed Haykal
    Hameed Haykal

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make your own hand container for your succulents = fill old work glove with cement mixture, all it time to set up,,,cut off and the rest is planting history

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    Hameed Haykal

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Grow enchanted glass toadstools for the garden using a vase & bowl ~ Use E-6000 glue found at your craft store. paint red

Tin-can flower....use it for an outdoor candle holder, bird feeder....anything you want!

Lace Planters- Great project for some Mod Podge and our Cotton Laces!

"Tailgating" bench for dads. Clever, clever!

Pallet, paint and old scuffed baseballs = Americana flag. Cute!

Cheerios bird feeders...this would be fun!

Cool the kids off with this homemade sprinkler. Take a 2 liter soda bottle, and poke holes in it. Hook your hose up to it, toss over a tree branch and turn on the water!

  • Vickie Johnson
    Vickie Johnson

    Great idea for plant watering too

Moss sculpture...beautiful!

So cool!

old tub 'hanging basket'... cool

  • Sharon Brady
    Sharon Brady

    want to try this