1717 pochette violin 'Clapisson' by Stradivari, Cremona

Collection by David Beard

David Beard
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Mr. Lionel Leleux was a local fiddle player and violin maker who built about 35 instruments, and also a few bows. He also did a bunch of repair work for local players, and I guess I feel a bit of a kinship with him because of all this -- I always enjoy coming across his work. This is the second bow of his that I've seen. Interesting little contour detail there on the head.

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Several months ago I posted a pic of a restoration project I was working on : see here. The instrument was in such a pitiful condition when I got it, that the only way forward was to open up all of the loose glue joints and disassemble it entirely so that I could make sure everything was securely glued back together. (Kind of like an old falling-down barn that needs rebuilding -- you need to take it down to its component parts and basically start over). Plus, there were three major top…