Real Estate Oddities

Humorous or horrible? Sorry if this is from your house, but I took these pics from actual homes I've toured.
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an open door leading to a bathroom with a toilet on the step next to it
Saw the door open with steps. Thought it might be a stairway to heaven, but it was just a throne for a commode.
a tree with eyes drawn on it in front of a fenced yard and house
Angry Tree
Saw this tree today and worried that it was not happy with me!
a white refrigerator freezer sitting on top of a kitchen floor next to a rug
Diet locks.
a dog swimming in a pool behind a chain link fence with trees and bushes around it
Fox guarding the pool. No henhouse.
an empty room with some lights on the ceiling and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling
Basement nightclub!
the door is open and there is a blue towel on top of it next to a white cabinet
As seen in a garage in Bowie MD
a large red tank sitting in the middle of a garden next to a blue house
Serious DIYer!
a wooden workbench with tools on it and shelves in the backround
Please fix me!
an electrical outlet on the side of a wooden structure
Interesting placement. Whatever works. Every house needs one.
an electrical outlet is attached to the wall
The Sanford Giant. Collectors item?
an electrical outlet on the wall next to a toilet paper dispenser and sink
Ellicott City workroom. Hanging by a thread.
General MacArthur to the rescue! Art, To The Rescue, Rescue
General MacArthur to the rescue!
several plastic balls with the washington football team on them are sitting on a table in front of a framed photograph
Hail to the Redskins!
a stuffed animal is standing in front of a silver sheeted wall with writing on it
A bear in the basement.
a wall mounted toilet paper dispenser on a pegboard
As seen in Columbia, MD. Two spotted in one day. Both in the lower level storage area.