"Chamber of Djed" from the tomb of Seti I (KV17) (longest tomb in the Valley of kings near luxor)

"Chamber of Djed" (a symbol of Osiris) Seti I tomb, It was discovered in October of 1817 by the Italian explorer, Giovanni Belzoni. It is the longest (more than 120 meters), the deepest and the most elaborately decorated tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

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Eyes of Horus and Ra. Two ancient Egyptian deities. The eye of Horus symbolizes protection, royalty, and good health. The eye of Ra symbolizes good luck.

DIY sundial for when we are teaching Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians created sundials to tell time. Place a pencil upright in a ball of clay. Have a student go out every hour to place a stone where the end of the pencil is. Stones can be numbered to show what the hour is. At the end of the day look at the sundial your class has created.

a Do-It-Yourself Sundial. This simple yet effective sundial was made by placing a pencil in a ball of clay. Every hour a stone was placed to mark time. The sundial in the picture goes from 9 a.

Melted(?) stairs in the Temple of Hathor, Egypt http://abnb.me/e/1Bw4yfnlSC

Western Staircase leading to the roof of the Temple of the Goddess Hathor - Egypt 2300 years old

Superbe !

Egyptian Temple, Horus -- "Take away many things, but never our culture.


King Tutankhamun and Queen Ankhesenamun on the Throne of Tutankhamen, c. BC, from the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, Thebes.

he Hall of Columns, Karnak ( Luxor) Egypt.

The Hall of Columns, Karnak ( Luxor) Egypt. View across centre avenue', Watercolour on paper Temple complex at Thebes (Luxor) by Richard Phene Spiers English architect by DeeDeeBean