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Great little tripod! I'll definitely be using this for my soon-to-be-had Canon T4i.

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I love this light! It's a little pricey, but definitely worth it if you're into this sort of thing. Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls,White: Baby
  • Mac Man
    Mac Man

    I really don't see why this is for babies!

This is a fun and quirky accessory that iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users should appreciate.

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I'm still not sure why I bought this. Perhaps just because it's white?

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  • David Di Franco, Jr.
    David Di Franco, Jr.

    I primarily use my iPhone and iPad.

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith

    Same here. I somehow never use my one. Don't get me wrong, it is a great device. But, it just doesn't fulfil my needs.

  • Maddineni Manohar
    Maddineni Manohar

    Why don't you give away one of those iPod's David. I'd love a give-away from my fav Vlogger.

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In my opinion, this is one of the best iPods ever released.

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  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson

    I believe this is the product that changed the course in Apple's history.

  • Bret Jamerson
    Bret Jamerson

    Totally agree. When I was in 7th grade when this released this changed the game with what a media player was.

  • Ben Gotzmann
    Ben Gotzmann

    I totally agree, I was going to buy a refurbished model because of the huge memory capacity but then I noticed it didn't have a speaker but I still might get it one of these days. @david d

This isn't my favorite iPod nano, but I am definitely a fan of the "fatty" form factor.

Robot Check
  • Evan Heminger
    Evan Heminger

    My first Apple product.

I love this cube! It's a little pricey, but definitely worth looking into.

HypnoCube 4x4x4 LED Cube - Flood Lighting -
  • George Prediy
    George Prediy

    what is this called

  • Jack Leonard
    Jack Leonard

    What's the name of this?

I love my iPhone. What else is there to say?

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  • Unknown Dude
    Unknown Dude

    David, have you noticed that it actually is a iPhone 4 not a 4S, looking at the Springboard icons we know it :)

Not only do these headphones sound great, but they also look pretty slick.

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  • Unknown Dude
    Unknown Dude

    I think its a little over-rated! What do you think?

  • Andries Claes
    Andries Claes

    Love Beats! I've got the White Pro's!

  • Robert Van Gilder
    Robert Van Gilder

    Pro's are too heavy

Every geek needs this. - Tix LED Clock, Black - Time Clocks
  • Dannon Knott
    Dannon Knott

    where did you buy this?!?!

  • Cathal Walsh
    Cathal Walsh

    Where can I purchase one of those ?

  • Oliver Howarth
    Oliver Howarth

    where can i get one?

I was a bit skeptical of the 3D gameplay at first, but it's great once you get used to it. It's definitely something you need to try in person, though.

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I cannot express how much I love this controller. Fantastic design!

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Excellent controller! It's very ergonomic — especially when compared to the PlayStation 3 controller.

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This is a great headset for the price. Highly recommended! I'll never use a wired headset again.

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Xbox 360 owners, this is an awesome console! Not only is the design downright amazing, but it also features custom Modern Warfare 3 system sounds.

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This is another great way of importing your old VHS tapes. Elgato Video Capture Device 10020840: Electronics

You've gotta love the classics.

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  • Matthew Tasker
    Matthew Tasker

    got one for free in a pc warehouse that "didn't want any macs in sight" so they gave it to me. win win

This desktop makes for a great upgrade project.

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  • Unknown Dude
    Unknown Dude

    You still have it?COOL

Ah, the memories...

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This may not be my favorite iPod shuffle design, but it's still pretty great.

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  • Maddineni Manohar
    Maddineni Manohar

    I have one too. But it has to improve with its language supports

It's small and compact. Oh, and awesome too.

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Don't have an iPhone? This is the next best thing.

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  • Unknown Dude
    Unknown Dude

    Got one too.! love it

This is a solid stand for iPad users looking to prop up their favorite tablet.

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Say what you will, but I love these batteries.

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