Corey Egbert Illustration

pretty awful unless you're inside and cozy . or if you must be outside, it's not too bad with some awesome people or by yourself on an introspective, rain-embracing or internally-sunny day (Corey Egbert)

Sekino Jun’ichiro (Japan, Aomori, 1914 - 1988), Roofs in Florence, 1959

This reminds me of the roofs outside my window in St. Sekiro Jun'ichiro (Japan, Aomori, 1914 - Roofs in Florence, 1959 Color woodblock print

Quiet Night by William Hays

Nine-color linocut print of a Vermont house in falling snow at night, entitled "Quiet Night".

Post Office Tube Railway - artwork for a poster, by Edward Bawden, circa 1935 - I love the colours, the composition and the content. S

Post Office Tube Railway: Artwork for a poster Linocut by Edward Bawden. Proposal for the London Underground Poster, but rejected.

John Duffin - Regent Street Rain.

Regent Street Rain