Hmmm... What to Choose? Every Time I play a Strategy game involving to choose your title

Hmmm... What to Choose?

If i had to choose,wizard, rogue, or paladin. Those 3 have always been my favorite 3 class in any game with a class system

Pc master race...? Nah! Gaming master race ftw!

We are all gamers! even those who play the despicable game known as "Candy Crush" are gamers.

Roleplaying..Whennnnn are we doing one?

The 30 Very Best Pieces Of Fan Art Of 2013

Catch Up On The History Of Fallout Universe. I have been told that the brotherhood didn't actually derive from the enclave and it's purpose was actually to gather and hoard tech. Sorry about that

Catch Up On The History Of Fallout Universe << I have yet to play any of the Fallout games but this is really cool


SO SO TRUE. I was roleplaying w/ my archering buddies and a guy came up to us and told us to stop acting like little kids.