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Live Edge is the new black in furniture. As old growth lumber are rarer and rarer, there is a growing appreciation for live edge wood slabs used in furniture design. The sinuous lines of live edges…

The Difference Between You and the People You Admire

What I learned bartending and building a business

Everything Ive Learned About Life in 500 Words

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What the Aikido philosophy teaches us about creativity and courage

His words bring a much-needed freshness and vigour to the distracted and stressful lives many of us can live. What I like is how he often uses the natural world as a metaphor to help us more deeply…

What I learned reading 50 books a year for 7 years

What I learned reading 50 books a year for 7 years – The Startup – Medium

Allow Me to Clarify

Allow Me to Clarify – Dave Pell – Medium

Sketch Libraries: How they work and the crazy stuff you can do with them

If there’s one phrase that’s plagued the design world more than any other over the past year, it’s this: “SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH”. No, it’s not a singles ad for a fortune-teller Male.

How To Retain More From The Books You Read In 5 Simple Steps

Here is a resource to help students summarize informational texts. This graphic organizer is simple and can be used in all subject areas.

Building Blockchain Incentives

The hardest part of building peer-to-peer technologies has always been designing the incentives. How do you keep the network healthy? How do you get each peer to participate in the activities that…