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Bernardo Velasco, looking amazing, as always. Always have to shout out to @Unapologetically Me(l) for this guy.

Bernardo Velasco hot dog male nude sexy muscle abs guy shirtless boy by

I'm not a fan of pics of dudes touching their junk. I mean come on, ew. For one I don't like seeing their inner thighs. This pic is almost demeaning. He looks so vulnerable, like he's trying to protect his wittle junk. I mean the rest of him is hot. Hot in the douchey-yet-attractive-tribal-tatted-It'sspringbreaksowhatthehell kind of ways.. Wait he totally looks like a way more buff version of my friend, that's why I like him!

Actor Model Dan Osborne (from "The Only Way Is Essex" aka "TOWIE" and Splash! Serie 2 by Joseph Sinclair for the Attitude Magazine March 2014 Issue. Dan is 23 (born on June - and he has a Michael Jackson tattoo on his shoulder.

Just Because: Stuart Reardon by David Vance | Portis Wasp

Beauty art photography by David Vance captured stunning body from English rugby player Stuart Reardon.

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Young man, no facial hair, smooth body, love the abdominal V. Totally different in type than the next guy on the couch, but still totally sexy.