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Hunger is a MONSTER

Hunger is a monster by Platine Images illustration wolf animation

Wonderful drawing of a blower engine! Engine art!

Wonderful drawing of a blower engine!

Art and media director and photographer Luciana Urtiga from Brazil leads us through the looking glass in her bewitching black and white photography. In her portrait shots, the faces dissolve into mirrors and powerful illusions are created by simple in-camera tricks. Escape reality for a second with this spellbinding visual artist. All images © Luciana....

Surreal black and white autoportrait

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Soekmin Ko, The Square (Detail), 300dpi Digital Pigment Print, 112cm x 74cm, 2010 (Original Tumblr post found here)

Soekmin Ko, The Square (Detail), Digital Pigment Print, x 2010 Mirror me.

This photo, whilst very trippy is actually simply one photo copy and pasted over and over, getting smaller each time. A truly clever piece of art.

Surreal photography concoctions - Physical manipulation as opposed to digital manipulation. The use of repetition creates an illusion, never showing the body. Look at more illusions and how they create thoughts and feelings through repetition

mirror legs

Art of the Day: Joan Jonas Mirror Piece I, 1969 Chromogenic print 101 x cm Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Purchased with funds contributed by the Photography Committee © 2010 Joan Jonas

Linear Sculpture Art Appreciation The goal of this assignment is to create a free standing linear sculpture composed of modular units. First students created a unit with toothpicks, either a geometric shape or something as simple as two toothpicks glued side by side. Students constructed as many modular units neccessary and then began to create the three dimensional form. Their sculpture was required to show line, space, movement, balance, and pattern.

Linear Sculpture Art Appreciation The goal of this assignment is…