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Familie: Bin ich wie meine Mutter?

photo: Jonas Lindstroem This weeks cover Zeit magazine from Germany I love this cover concept by using two covers after each other (page 1 and page Zeit Magazin carries this concept each week and.

Creative photo ideas for January: 09 Shoot a forest at night

Photo by Photo Cosma - Surreal scene in mysterious forest with silhouette of man

Dresden - Top 20 spots for photography

Dresden - Top 20 spots for photography

Freistellen und mit inhaltsbasierter Füllung ausrichten | Adobe Photoshop CC-Übungen

Crop and straighten with content-aware fill


I love this series. The style of dance isn't exactly what I was looking for but her movements and the movement of the flour is. I would use color for the flour instead to liven it up and make it more festive for a music festival. This is awesome.

#ELLENaturalBeauty                                                       …

photography by Tono Stano (Born in 1960 in Zlaté Moravce, Czechoslovakia). After studying photography at the Fine Arts School in Bratislava, Tono Stano became a film set photographer for Film Production Bratislava. He later graduated with a degree in pho

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Low key photography can add artistic and dramatic atmosphere on your shots. Here are some tips how to use the low key lighting and shoot low key photos.