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Elvis Jumpsuit Collection

Elvis Jumpsuit Collection

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I will always LOVE Elvis music!

White Leather Two Piece - A suit that can be considered as one of the rarest Elvis ever wore. He probably wore it only once, during the Opening Show on March 18th, 1975, and never again after that. The picture above is the only one that has surfaced of Elvis wearing it.

Elvis Presley In Concert

White Two-piece - During the early part of his 1972 August/September Las Vegas engagement.

The Nail Swirl jumpsuit worn during the last half of the August 1970 Las Vegas run.

The Fireworks jumpsuit from April 1972.

The Gold Vine jumpsuit & cape. 1974.

Graceland - Memphis Attractions |

This is the first actual jumpsuit Elvis wore. It is called the White Cossack jumpsuit. Elvis wore it during the January - February 1970 Las Vegas run.

This is the White Cossack Two Piece outfit from 1969.

The Black Cossack Two - Piece outfit Elvis wore on his opening night concert in Las Vegas at the International Hotel in 1969.

Elvis wore these outfits on tour right after the Madison Square Garden engagements.

The Tiger jumpsuit from 1974.

The Metal Eye jumpsuit. From the September 1970 tour.

This is the Burning Love jumpsuit from 1972.

The Multi - Colored Rain jumpsuit. Worn during the January - February 1973 Las Vegas engagement.

Elvis Presley In Concert

This is Elvis Presley's custom-made concert-worn costume belt worn with his black “Conquistador” jumpsuit in his November 1972 performance in Hawaii.

Elvis 1970

Elvis - 1970

Elvis Presley Photo: ★ Elvis ☆

Elvis in the Ladder Suit/ "That's The Way It Is" 1970

The White Beaded Fringe jumpsuit. From 1970. Elvis wore it during the filming of Elvis - that's The Way It Is, as well as for the September and November 1970 tours.

The Tiffany jumpsuit worn during the November 1972 out.

The Nail Swirl jumpsuit from the fall of 1970.

I Got Lucky Suit (R2W) | Pro Elvis Jumpsuits - Custom Fit Stage Costumes For Professional Elvis Tribute Artists

The Red Shouldered Cisco Kid jumpsuit from the January - February, 1971 Las Vegas run.

Some of the many jumpsuits Elvis wore during the 70's. On the far left is the Black Butterfly jumpsuit & cape, then the White Pinwheel jumpsuit from the film Elvis On Tour, then the Adonis jumpsuit from Madison Square Garden, and then, the Burning Love jumpsuit, also from Elvis On tour.

The "Adonis" jumpsuit. Best Known for the Madison Square Garden Concerts, NEW YORK, June 9, 1972. Other known dates: MILWAUKEE, June 14, 1972; and CHICAGO June 16, 1972.

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