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an orange and yellow poster with words on it
the different colors of paint are shown in this chart
Rhetological Fallacies – A list of Logical Fallacies & Rhetorical Devices with examples — Information is Beautiful
Rhetological Fallacies - a graphical list of errors & manipulation of rhetoric and logical thinking with everyday examples. In nine languages. Never be duped again!
a venn diagram with the words reason for being and what you're doing
Ikigai – Japanese concept to enhance work, life & sense of worth — Information is Beautiful
Ikigai is an interesting self-development concept from Japan, a prism for potentially seeing how to bring satisfaction, happiness & meaning to life. The direct translation is the “happiness of being busy.”
the movies loved but audience really didn't know what they were doing in 2013
Star Wars ‘Last Jedi’: One of the Biggest Rotten Tomatoes Audience vs Critics Score Splits Ever — Information is Beautiful
Films Critics Loved, But Audiences Really Didn't
an info sheet with different types of fish in the water and on top of each other
Which Fish Are Okay to Eat? — Information is Beautiful
Which Fish are Okay to Eat?
a large poster with many different types of lines on it's sides, including the numbers
The maverick scientists whose heretical ideas were ultimately proven correct… — Information is Beautiful
Mavericks & Heretics Ideas rejected, later proven correct
the world's most famous cities infographical poster by flickr on devid
UK Government Spending – Incomes & Outcomes — Information is Beautiful
UK Government Spending
a black background with colorful lines and numbers
What Streaming Music Services Actually Pay Artists — Information is Beautiful
Money Too Tight to Mention? Major music streaming services compared
a diagram showing the different languages in each language, including english and german speaking words
The UK’s Brexit Options in the Eurozone Landscape – Visualized — Information is Beautiful
The Eurozone? The European Economic Area? The European Free-Trade Area? The European Customs Union? Whaaat? A graphic that hopefully clarifies the complex structure of the European Union and the UK’s various routes for Brexit.
a circular diagram with several different types of numbers in the center and two circles on each side
Data visualization report | Intertextuality and ph...
Intertextuality and photojournalism on Behance
a large number of blue and red lines on a white background with the same color
Based on a *True* True Story? — Information is Beautiful
Based on a *True* True Story? - A scene-by-scene breakdown of Hollywood "true" story films. See which are true, false-ish or outright made up. Interactive version here:
What is Meditation / Mindfulness? How do you do it? What does the science say about its effects? Yoga Sequences, Yoga Photography, What Is Meditation, Reiki Symbols, Les Chakras, Sup Yoga, Qi Gong, Wing Chun, Chakra Meditation
What is Meditation / Mindfulness Good for? — Information is Beautiful
What is Meditation / Mindfulness? How do you do it? What does the science say about its effects?
a diagram showing the structure of an eye and how it's functions are depicted
S:.R:.I:.A:. Art - Diagrams of the Societas Rosicruciana in America
a line graph with different colored lines and numbers on it, including the number of spires
Mountains Out of Molehills — Information is Beautiful
Mountains Out of Molehills | 16 years of media-inflamed fears - Information is Beautiful