This is a really good example for the element of line, because your eyes have to follow the line down in order to see the faces drawn into it. This piece of art is also a very good example of a Continuous Contour Line Drawing because it is only one line drawn into all three of the faces. I was drawn to this image because at first I thought it was just a scribble, but when I payed closer attention I saw that it created three faces.

This image shows three different faces being drawn with single line. This demonstrate that even though the art work is composed of one line, you can still make out of what it is trying to display.

Matisse • Embrace I adore this simplest of line drawings, by Matisse: Yet it suggests, weight, relationship, closeness, intimacy, genuineness, love, nurturing, support, protection... anything and everything the observer seeks to find therein...

easterndesignoffice: “ nataliakoptseva: “ Matisse Embrace (illustration for Pasiphae) ” this simple dance, a drawing ”

Henri Matisse

Drawing Portraits - Henri Matisse - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits.Let Me Show You How You Too Can Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits With My Truly Step-by-Step Guide.

Frédéric Forest.

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Georgia O'Keeffe's hands are the inspiration for Jigsaw's latest capsule collection, plus discover the work of Frederic Forest.

DIY: neon cactus light

DIY Neon Cactus Light Tutorial

DIY Blinking Neon Cactus Light Tutorial - so cool and so much cheaper and easier to make than I would have expected!


A Woman with Loose Hair - Henri Matisse 1944 French Ink on paper, 20 x 27 cm.