Sea Glass Crafts Ideas

Do you collect sea glass or beach glass? Wonder what to do with it? Here you'll find outstanding examples of what others have done to give you great ideas! Also, submit your photos of sea glass crafts to our Home Site -
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Sea Glass Wave Window by beachcreation on Etsy, $250.00

Sea Glass/Stained Glass Suncatcher: ~ sea glass project submitted by Loretta, Lake Forest CA Combining sea glass and stained glass opens many more creative ideas to create home decor.

hummingbird: Dr.Jack's Sea Glass Art Jack Sierad in woodland Hills California I make mosaics made with sea glass as well as jewelry. I discovered Sea Glass 8 years

Coke Bottle Sea Glass Mobile - Cape May Beach Mobiles: ~ sea glass project submitted by Jim Conti in Cape May, New Jersey, USA I craft Jewelry and Art around the Glass I find on Cape May shores The Oldest

Ole's Sea Glass Lamp Shade - Seattle

Striking use of sea glass in window pane

Sea Glass

Star Wars Darth Vader perler bead pattern

PURE BREEZES Sea Glass inc Cyan Blue, Cinnabar, Peacock Green, Light Amber, Honey, etc - 16 pcs real beach glass crafts mosaics etc ~ PS2175 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

STARLIT SKIES real Sea Glass earring pair in Cobalt Blue ~ for jewelry from the tropical Peruvian coast HU-0181 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

OCEAN SPRAY ~ buy real Sea Glass ~ 19 pcs in Light Gray, Light Grn, Dark Amber, White ~ from the tropical Peruvian coast HU-0109 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

TROPICAL DELIGHT Sea Glass For Sale 10 pcs Beach glass for jewelry, arts, crafts ~ from the Peruvian coast HU-0108 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

MUSIC of the SURF Sea Glass Earring Pairs, Teal, Amber, Seafoam~ Genuine Natural Beach Glass HU-0107 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

HEARTFELT HOPES Sea Glass ~ rare heart-shaped natural beach glass - from the tropical coast of Peru

BRIDAL WHITE ~ Sea Glass Earring Pairs ~ Genuine Natural Beach Glass, Jewelry, Crafts PS2126 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

SHIMMERING SHORES ~ buy real Sea Glass ~ 20 pcs in Teal, Aqua, Honey Amber, Seafoam, Mint ~ from the tropical Peruvian coast HU-0085 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

BEACH BRIDE - White Sea Glass 50 pc - Genuine Beach Tumbled - Hand Collected PS1859 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

MISTY BREEZE 28 pc Sea Glass ~ Buy Teal, Powder Blue, Aqua ~ from the beach of tropical Peru HU-0024 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

BEYOND the REEF Blue Sea Glass ~ Genuine Beach Glass - for jewelry, art, crafting - HU-0076 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

TANTALIZING DREAMS Sea Glass - 16 pc with reds, yellows and other rare colors * Glass Beach WA PS2153a by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

EXOTIC SHORE Seafoam Green White ~ Sea Glass Earring Pairs ~ Sale on Beach iDeas PS2145 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

SKY DANCERS ~ Teal Sea Glass for sale ~ Large - Jewelry, Crafts - Genuine Beach Glass HU-0077 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

Sea Glass For Sale~ Unusual shapes and colors - 65 pieces genuine beach glass for your crafts or mosaics, etc ~ PS2130 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy

SPRING DAWN Cyan Sea Glass For Sale ~ 5/8 inch For jewelry, crafts ~ Beach glass from the Peruvian coast HU-0068 by OdysseySeaGlass on Etsy