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The Powerpuff girls in candy land.

The Powerpuff girls in candy land.

Buttercup Green Casual by 6ninjafox9 on DeviantArt

Hoagie x Abby: Spring Love Hoagie or number 2 x Abigail or Abby or Number 5 as Adult in Spring Season ---------------------- KND©Tom Warburton Art©Me

Bubbles Blue Edgy by 6ninjafox9 on DeviantArt

There were a lot of people wearing suspenders during my sophomore year, the arms warmers were a last minute thing Bubbles Blue Edgy

aria blaze,sonata dusk

The Dazzlings Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk

Blossom Pink Preppy by ~6ninjafox9 on deviantART

I don't draw Blossom all that often so I decided to make this! This style was pretty popular when I was in middle school, the tights under a jean skirt Blossom Pink Preppy