David Yarian

David Yarian

Nashville, TN / I am a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist practicing on Nashville's Music Row. I enjoy working with couples, individuals, and families.
David Yarian
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Map of Human Sexuality: Franklin Veaux created this "map" to graphically represent the tremendous diversity of human sexual behavior. It's at http://www.symtoys.com/humansexmap.html

Map of Human Sexuality: Franklin Veaux created this "map" to graphically represent the tremendous diversity of human sexual behavior. It's at http://www.symtoys.com/humansexmap.html

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Close up image of a couple laying parallel with his hand in her underwear and her's in his, and the caption "With a clitoris, being a millimeter off can make a difference. Not so with a penis.

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David Yarian PhD, sex therapist and Psychologist in Nashville, offers services for couples and individuals and writes about sex, therapy, and life.

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Better sex is more likely to occur with relaxed, playful exploration and sharing.