Dawna Jacobs

Dawna Jacobs

hey I'm Dawna, and I have a wonderful life. I have 2 beautiful children Ryder and Trinity that i love more than anything and would do anything for. I also have
Dawna Jacobs
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8 Steps of Coaching www.cherischultz.com #cherischultz #coaching #inspiration

This growth coaching model speaks to leadership by teachers and students as it highlights the elements necessary in achieving a positive morale and competency.

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I recently taught a mom and dad a simple but powerful tool: eating using the family meal style.

FINAL-Mindful Eating Marathon-Infographic

Overcome mindless eating which leads to digestive disorders, weight gain, emotional problems and serious health concerns by learning to eat mindfully - Mindful Eating Marathon - Tips [Infographic]


Things like practicing gratitude can be life-changing. It's those small lifestyle changes that can help you reach your goals in life. All it really takes is making a small shift, a small change in your daily routine to bring some positivity and healthy in

The things you do right before bed can have a big impact on your life. It's a great time to start a daily ritual, because the day is winding down and you're not rushing around to get things done.

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