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Swai fish

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Fishcakes Made with Swai. Give these simple and inexpensive fishcakes a try. They're made with one of the least expensive fish available but also one of the lightest and tastiest--Swai. Make a sandwich or put them on a plate and eat 'em with a fork. Either way, they're fantastic. www.cheap-bastid-...

Fishcakes with Swai Recipe


{recipe} Italian Style Swai - This recipe is a super easy, healthy play on an Italian Parmesan dish.

THE EVERYTHING + SOAP BLOG: {recipe} Italian Style Swai

  • Sharion Epperson-Rosander
    Sharion Epperson-Rosander

    Hi, l love swai my husband and I eat it at least once a week!

Simple Baked Swai: Oven at 350 for 12-15 minutes. This recipe calls for breadcrumbs. I prefer to use garlic and herbs :) This is for my own knowledge, cause I am constantly forgetting temp and time to cook Swai at.

Fred Meyer - Leigh Ann Recipes - Simple Baked Swai - Seafood

  • Elizabeth B Estes Frierson
    Elizabeth B Estes Frierson

    My husband and I love swai fillets!!

  • Pixie Perry
    Pixie Perry

    Swai fillets are a staple item in my freezer. Can be thawed under cold water at the last minute, are always compatible with my diet plan, and they're yummy too!

  • Michael Works
    Michael Works

    It says turn oven to broil, not turn over.

Swai Fillets- This is some of the best fish I have tasted as far as frozen grocery store fish goes. I sprinkle it with Blackened Seasoning and either slap it on the grill or in a skillet and then dip it in Tartar Sauce- delish!

Walmart: Swai Fillets, 16 oz


Blackened Swai fillets NOTE: Very mild fish and very reasonable. LOVE IT

How Do You Cook.com: Blackened Swai Fillets

  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith

    it's really good if you don't burn it!!

  • Nikolai Solonski
    Nikolai Solonski


Tilapia Veracruz Recipe on The Doctor's Daughter Blog. Even Fish Haters will be swayed by this delicious recipe!! So healthy and low in calories and fat!

Tilapia Veracruz | The Doctor's Daughter


breaded fish recipe -uses potato flakes, used swai and I really loved the crunchy texture, will use less flour next time mostly potato flakes for more crunch!!!

Breaded Fish Recipe | BlogChef.net


Fish Grill - Swai

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  • Linda Nielson
    Linda Nielson

    Where are the directions?

  • Daisy Lopez
    Daisy Lopez

    This is my favorite. Eat this once a week. Any idea how to make it?

  • Amanda Carpenter
    Amanda Carpenter

    how do u make this

Pin-did! I don't even like fish, but this was amazing! And the family loved it too... Ginger Sesame Swai

Ginger Sesame Swai

  • Sammy Hicks
    Sammy Hicks


Fish in foil packets « Couch Cubicle Making this tonight with Swai for the fish and spinach for the veggie.

Fish in foil packets


Parchment paper fish: Swai fillets~wanna try!

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  • Pat Bedford Keys
    Pat Bedford Keys

    I made this and it was out of this world! I used foil instead of parchment, lined the bottom with baby spinach leaves, fish on top of that, salt and pepper, then peppers and green onions, sprinkle paprika and med. chili powder. then close up and put on grill for about 20-25 min (or longer depending on the wind). O.M.G.!! so tasty

I make this oven fried fish all the time. I have used catfish, cod, swai, etc.

Oven-Fried Catfish Sandwiches | MyRecipes.com


swai fish catfish nuggets and fries i love fish with the panko break crumbs

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In the kitchen with Nick ...: Swai fish provides great value for the nutrition that it packs

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Baked fish with Ritz cracker crust...So good! Preheat oven to 375 degrees, on plate or shallow dish crush several Ritz crackers (5-6 crackers per fish fillet), mix seasoning salt, black pepper, rosemary, garlic powder in crushed Ritz crackers (season to your taste), Wash fish fillets and pat dry...(I used Swai fish...$7.99/bag @ frys) , squeeze fresh lemon juice over both sides of fillets, dip both sides of fillets in cracker mix, place in greased baking dish. Bake in oven for 25-30 min. Broil on high for 5 to 10 min to brown crust. Enjoy!!

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  • Maria Savo
    Maria Savo

    Sounds good, I'm making tonight!

swai fish | baked swai fish with mushrooms ingredients 2 pounds fresh swai fish ... instead of Mayo I used a little cheese :)

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A bunch of recipes for Swai fish. My husband just bought a huge bag of this and I've never made it. Time to try some of these!

Swai Fish Recipes


Shrimp Bisque with Blackened Swai Fish and Spicy Corn.

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Kroger Brand Swai Fish Fillet is only 4pts per serving..

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Pan-seared swai fish with onions and garlic

Pan-seared swai – om nom nom


Blackened seared swai fish! Delish! Season properly, sear both sides in pan with oil & butter then bake on high for about 5mins:) Perfection! I served with seasoned sweet potatoes too;)

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  • lou paschall
    lou paschall


  • Vanny Lay
    Vanny Lay

    Hi do u have the recipes?

  • Dawn Smith
    Dawn Smith

    I'm sorry.... I guess you would season with your choice if seasonings.... Or blackening and continue as stated! I honestly, just tagged the pin, sorry!

Blackened Swai Fish -made this tonight and it was delish! Cut the salt in half as well as the cayenne so the kids could eat it too!



Oven Fried 7 Spice Swai Fish, Marie Gilliam, Mj Creations & Sweets #MiNeeds

Oven Fried 7 Spice Swai Fish - #mineeds.com | MiNeeds


Parmesan Swai Fish Fingers - Great for the kids. Swai is mild, so it's a great alternative to chicken fingers. Parmesan-panko bread crumbs make them crispy. Dip 'em in zesty marinara sauce.

Parmesan Swai Fish Fingers

  • Alyssa L.
    Alyssa L.

    (this Pin doesn't work, but this sounds yummy!) this link works: http://www.seabestseafood.c...

  • Mary Weller
    Mary Weller

    This is delish! Don't pass by this one, get this on you grocery list!

Swai Fish Recipe

Swai Fish Recipes