diy painted stones

DIY color-blocked stones make pretty paperweights.a fun thing for biscuit to do with her rocks?

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so pretty., fresh flowers from the garden put in glass bottles and placed on silver tray makes great center piece for your table. I do love fresh flowers. If only I had a green thumb, I could have fresh flowers alll the time.

DIY Gold Painted Vases

DIY Gold Painted Vases - here’s the easiest of DIY’s ever that actually went from party to dining room table decor pretty instantaneously. Painted gold milk jars turn vases that took me all of about 20 minutes to craft.

DIY Gilded Paper Flower Burro Pinata

DIY Piñata Makeover

Why have I never thought about doing a gilded piñata? Take a regular donkey piñata, do it in gold, and it becomes a quirky wedding decoration idea or for a chic-weirdo birthday party.


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