easiest way - open a google image search in a new tab, go to the picture and drag it over to the new tab, drop it in the seach box, find the original source and pin it properly!

Awesome tip from From the Graphics Fairy. How to find the original Source of an image on - also other great ideas in comments

Sadly, this is true...

Too busy looking up cleaning and organizing. Exactly what I am talking about!


Yes! I would probably do the things I see on here if there was a button like that

Link With Love! PLEASE RE-PIN TO SPREAD THE WORD. (Very important. I know I personally try really hard to do this for my pins, but it's easy to get swept up into the addiction that is pinning. But when you can, go back and review. Find out what you're linked to. Do the best you can to make this a resource worth using and protect your fellow artists at the same time.)

Do the right thing: pin from original sources to protect artists' intellectual property.

Winterly introspection. - Funny Stuff | Putting a smile on your face.

The air hurts my face. Why am I living where the air hurts my face? Need to move from North Dakota lol

So true!

Stitch Fix Review: Loungewear


excellent pinning etiquette "rules" from Crafterminds

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