Seriously the BEST I've ever seen.  there are tons - and they are all good.

sewing tutorial list - HUGE list of links to every sewing project you can think of!

more cushion instructions

Using Shower Curtains to Make Outdoor Water Proof Cushions. Also a great tutorial to make cushions in general! We made couch cushions with it(:

How to cover cording

Summer Sewing ~ Perfectly Portable Cushion

easiest envelope pillow ever. just one piece!

Take the Side Street: Easiest Envelope Pillow Ever. sewing tutorial for throw pillow cover made of a single piece of fabric, just 4 seams.

FINALLY!!! t-shirt quilt that actually has directions for DIY!

T-shirt Quilt Tutorial. I've been wanting to do this for awhile.i have a lot of sorority shirts, college shirts, high school shirts, that i would love to do this with