Natural playground--Squirrel's nest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dawn Isaac

Living the Craft Life: 10 ways to decorate (hide) a tree stump in your yard

10 ways to decorate (hide) a tree stump in your yard

Happy inhabitant of our plastic storage box mini pond #kids #gardening #wildlife

Dawn Isaac on Instagram: “Happy inhabitant of our plastic storage box mini pond #kids #gardening #wildlife”

Sitting by the kids' pond waiting for camera-shy frog to surface. This could take some time...

Dawn Isaac on Instagram: “Happy inhabitant of our plastic storage box mini pond #kids #gardening #wildlife”

Sunday evening marshmallow toasting and story telling. Love our fire pit. #screenfree #kidsgarden #firepit

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Escaping from my house to put up another house - not sure birds require two tier balconies but hey they look good #birds #birdhouse #garden #wildlife #wildlifegardening #wildlifegarden

Dawn Isaac (@dawnisaacinsta) • Instagram photos and videos

Hedgerow bouquets #instaflowers #halfterm #kidsactivities #wildtime

Dawn Isaac on Instagram: “Hedgerow bouquets #instaflowers #halfterm #kidsactivities #wildtime”

Natural materials for climbing and balancing

Austin Green School: Outdoor Inspirations

Natural playground idea: oversized nests. Even better if kids can help make them. The sleeping "dragon" is pretty fun, too.

Ecological & Natural Playgrounds

Repurpose an old chandelier as a bird feeder

41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer

Painted and planted wheelbarrow in the garden

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A wheelbarrow sure is nice to make it easy to move around, or take inside when its cold. We might have to buy a new wheelbarrow and use the old one, which might already have a few holes in the bottom it's so old!

Plant Up a Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Here's a slightly different view of the "Emerald Mossy House" by Sally J. Smith

Sally Smith : Fine Art Marketplace

Lovely area for small world play outdoors from 'Erin' - image shared by Five Star Family Day Care Maitland (",)

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Weaved tepee - from Meredith Winn (",)

on common ground

outdoor block center! i really really want to make a set of real wood blocks for daycare, or for home. need to find a fallen branch and someone that won't cut off a finger using a saw (i know i would)

The Enchanted Tree: Natural Play Space.

Wonder who I could get to build this? Sensory Garden Musical Instruments

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this is so cool Enchanting garden entrance ~ Garden in the Woods...

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Herb garden village - love this idea - if it can be kept small and neat enough (and that's a big if)

Nancy's Garden for Fairies and Gnomes

Melody Pole - every playground should have one of these, and I'm sure a musical parent would help with it.

Melody Pole | Timotay Playground Design and Equipment

OUtdoor loom

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Homemade butterfly feeder Another must for the fairy garden

Homemade butterfly feeder | eHow UK

used an old rain gutter, with end caps on each side, and a small pump, to create a flowing waterway for plastic boats. kids loved it

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DIY Idea for cut logs...drill out with hole saw, plant moss, ferns or even hostas. Place in shady garden nook. ****** for the side of house and some up front

From Martha's Home to Yours: Moss Gardens

Great idea to make a pathway with rock footprints imbedded in the path. The rocks could represent kids, grandkids, friends, family, those that have passed away or the steps you have taken in the right direction to change your life. The meaning could be endless.

Pebble Mosaics Underfoot