Carousels & Rocking Horses

I've always thought carousels and rocking horses were so beautiful. That's the one thing I will still ride at the State Fair - a carousel!
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Paris in the snow

Carousel in the Snow, Eiffel Tower, Paris. by making magique. Although I throw up on carousels. And while watching carousels. How about I stand somewhere else?

Hotel Athenee, Paris - so beautiful

Travel Inspiration for France - The beautiful musical carousel in the courtyard of Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

Eiffel Tower and Carousel

Eiffel Tower and Carousel by stevewhis. The Eiffel Tower looms over a carousel in the heart of Paris, France, a great combination with kids. Want to visit the top of the tower? Order your tickets online a few days in advance and save yourself a long wait!


I always loved going on the kiddie carousels.I still do it today.I love to dream.especially day-dream.creating a moment to breathe.making it magical indeed.

Carousel ~ Seaport Village, San Diego (1895)

Wonderful chariot on the 1895 carousel at Seaport Village, San Diego CA