Rosettes on a t shirt

Shirt Refashion ~ shorten the sleeves and use the excess material to make rosettes

t shirt idea

This layered tee is genius! Cut out a design. use bleach on a cue-tip to accent the edges. stitch to a tee beneath. **umm - i can't sew, but who says i HAVE to stitch it to another shirt?

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cut out design shirt maybe glow in the dark idea ;)

To DIY: reverse applique flower from an old t-shirt. I'm going to go to Goodwill and stock up with all these t-shirt ideas! (No instructions)

Simple Infinity Scarf from old T-shirt (no-sew)!

T-shirt Scarf DIY

ett studios: DIY: Recycled Tshirt Scarf Necklace Roundup Another no-sew t-shirt project

DIY tshirts using a bleach pen

DIY Bleach Pen T-Shirts. Draw your picture in chalk first then go over it with a bleach pen. holy coolness >> What a fun project! I think this is a toddler art project waiting to happen (Alivia can draw in chalk and I can go over it with a bleach pen)

So want to make this...made from XL tshirt without sewing! These will make great gifts too! Video instructions...

T shirt scarves 9 in paper plate scarf cut like snake and attach ends together. Use piece to tie all strips together. Very pretty. Also cut bottom part of tshirt XL or cut off hem. Stretch and use as infinity necklace/scarf.


how to make a ruffled t-shirt scarf

DIY T-shirt Scarves - roundup of tutorials and instructions showing you how to make a scarf out of a T-shirt. Recycle old T-shirts into cute scarves.

Awesome!! Have to do this!!

DIY Bleach Design Shirt - use foil underneath, draw with bleach pen, wait 30 minutes then wash. Great for writing words

Shrug T-Shirt  How To    You Will Need            Pin(s)          T Shirt          Sewing Machine          Thread          Fabric Scissors          Ribbon

T Shirt Shrug easy thing to make for me or Aria.I have a ton of old t-shirts sitting around.

T-shirt upcycle.

I wish someone would make me one of these adorable ruffle shirts! (I have no sewing skills) Tea Rose Home: Tutorial~Ruffle shirt~

"50+ old t-shirt ideas"  (Some silly ideas, and some fun and sophisticated ones as well.)

Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials! Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials! Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials!

Idea for refashioned t-shirt

Idea for t-shirt transformation: Amy Byer Girls Two-fer Wire Ruffle Front Cozy Tee, Grey, X-Large

This really cute DIY cinched blouse idea comes from Recycled Lovelies. You just need a t-shirt in any color that you want and it does take just a little sewing. All in all though, this is a very easy way to get a stylish shirt and without paying for the style. Incidentally, you don’t have to...

Cute and Easy to Make DIY Shirt Idea – Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse -...

DIY Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse - All you need is: a shirt(t-shirt would even work), a piece of fabric, a ribbon, and a sewing machine.

"Her New Leaf: DIY Braided Neck T Shirt" I think I'll give this braided t shirt a whirl. But I'm thinking of maybe doing this to the sleeves instead. Cut the shirt into a tank, "braid" the arm holes. Maybe leave the neckline raw, just give it a good tug to prevent fraying. I think I'll try this out. I'll post a pic of it when I'm done, if it turns out.

DIY: Banana Republic Braided Neck Tee Shirt

Tank Applique | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

DIY Shirt Detail I love this idea!- make it from a gold T-shirt with gold or copper leaves or some shade of green on the leaves I can make the leaves from old t-shirts that would be fun

Link: Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium      Link: Tie Dyed Hearts     Link: T-Shirt Roses Scarf      Link: Bleached T w/ Dishwasher G...

This summer I WILL go through my t-shirts.OR buy new ones and bedazzle them. ---- T-shirt makeovers. I need to stop getting rid of old shirts.

Parce qu'un tee-shirt basic c'est sympa, mais customiser, c'est encore plus sympa ! Ciseaux, fil et aiguilles seront les seuls outils nécessaires pour réaliser ce super DIY.

DIY : customisez votre tee-shirt avec des fleurs

Garnet Hill T-Shirt Knock-off I love these shirts from Garnet Hill. I also love almost everything else in the catalog. I keep a hard copy inspiration binder and I ripped out probably half.