The best Baked Oven Fries...Cook s Illustrated recipe...WOW!~  So easy and good!  Be aware of the oil level on your pan.  I'd only add enough to grease the pan; not grease the potatoes! (I had to pour some off in the end.)  This is the way to make fries!!....Dayna

Baked Oven Fries

wonder if this would work for sweet potato fries. - A "perfect" technique for baked oven fries. A pinner says: "Seriously perfect technique. Some of the best fries I've ever eaten. And they didn't come out of a deep-fryer! They came out of my oven!

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches...Pretty darn good!  Ended up with a lot of juice, which I saved in the freezer for jazzed up beef broth.  I think the juice (au jus) needs a little kick of something...I added a few sprinkles of Tony Chachere's creole spice to mine, which was a nice addition.  Will make again...Dayna

Crock pot french dipSlow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches approx 3 lbs beef chuck roast beef broth cans) 1 can condensed French onion soup red wine 1 tsp garlic powder salt and pepper, to taste French rolls sliced provolone cheese, optional

Herb Crusted Chicken in Basil Cream Sauce.  Delicious!  I had six thin breasts and used those.  Doubled the bread crumb mixture  & kept the sauce the same.  I didn't have the specific garlic and red pepper spice mixture so I used Penzey's Galena Street spice mix.  It was excellent.  It took a lot longer than 15 minutes to prepare (~25 min) and more than 15 min. to cook (~20-25). I guess if you had all your ingredients out and pre-prepped you could do it that quickly.  Will make again...Dayna

Easy, delicious and healthy Herb Crusted Chicken with Cream Sauce recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Herb Crusted Chicken with Cream Sauce.

Spicy Buttermilk Onion Rings ...made these on Super Bowl Sunday.  Excellent taste, but not spicy in the least bit, despite using the full 4 TB hot sauce.  To spice it up, I'd recommend adding some dry spicy spices (maybe Creole seasoning) to the flour mixture.  Will make again....Dayna

Spicy Buttermilk Onion Rings w/Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Spicy Buttermilk Onion Rings with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing ~ Ranch dressing made from scratch which looks so good, a keeper. I don't like onion rings but I'm going to try this recipe.

Southwestern Quinoa and Black Bean Casserole...made this as a side dish for a Mexican food was well received. Also used it as a burrito filling, which worked well....Dayna

Southwestern Quinoa and Black Bean Casserole

Southwestern Quinoa & Black Bean Casserole by pinchofyum: 242 calories/serving (replace Mexican cheese with Daiya vegan cheese)

Firecracker Chicken....Very good and easy!  Mine was quite spicy, though I used Siracha instead of something more mild.  I liked it, but it might be too spicy for others.  Also, you could easily just use plain (not coated, sauteed) chicken and I think it would be just as good....Dayna

Firecracker Chicken

Firecracker Chicken Sauce: cup hot sauce (like Frank’s brand for hot wings, for instance) 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 tablespoon water 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar teaspoon salt

Hot Caramel Apple Cider...tried it just as it's written. FABULOUS.  Easy and quick to make. Nice warm-you-up -drink on a cold night...Dayna

Caramel vodka and Apple Cider are already a favorite of mine, definitely have to try it like this! For the fall: Hot Caramel Apple Cider {for grown ups} 4 mug’s worth of Apple Cider, 1 mug’s worth of Caramel Vodka, 1 tablespoon Cinnamon, cup Brown Sugar

Chicken Milanese with Sage-and-Lemon-Butter Sauce....Made this for dinner tonight. Absolutely incredible. Changes I made based on the recipe comments: Whisked 2 TB flour in with butter and shallots. Simmered sauce for 40ish minutes. Skipped the last 5 TB butter....seriously not needed. Served over pasta. This is the next meal I'll make for company. I highly recommend it for Valentine's Day if you want something new/special....Dayna

Chicken Milanese with Lemon sage Cream. The cream sauce alone is making me weak at the knees. This recipe will make your family/guests nominate you for the chef of the year award for sure!

Hungarian Meatballs...fabulous!   Made these for a family dinner and everyone enjoyed it.  Great flavors.  The meatballs stayed together, which I was concerned about. Didn't have Hungarian paprika, mushroom powder, or banana peppers.  Used smoked paprika and Anaheim peppers instead.  I made the meatballs ahead and froze them.  Added them frozen to the sauce.  Making them the same day would be a lot of work.  Make sure to give yourself 1 1/2 hours braising time before serving...Dayna

Hungarian Meatballs

Hungarian Meatballs recipe from Ingredients: pounds ground pork, pounds ground beef or pound pancetta, small dice, cup parmesean, grat.

Lime Coconut Chicken with Coconut Rice....loved this!  Don't marinade too long. I would do 15-60 minutes TOPS.  I've made it a few times and it's best when it's grilled soon after the chicken mixes with the marinade.  I marinated overnight once and it was awful. I do make this and freeze it.  I defrost quickly and promptly grill it.  The rice is great with it too....Dayna

Grilled Lime Coconut Chicken with Coconut Rice