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Dana Guckin
Dana Guckin
Dana Guckin

Dana Guckin

I need rehab for pinterest

Activities: Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game. You could use this so many ways-beginning consonants, medial vowel sounds, ending sounds.....

This is the best thing ever

My Choices Today...note home to parents I really like this! make the student have accountability for their actions!

Textual Evidence bulletin board. The board serves to provide students with ways to cite evidence from a text.

Post your pictures throughout the school year- I love this idea for a bulletin board that will not ever need to be changed!!! Just keep on adding pics!!! :)

I Love Lucy Museum in Jamestown, NY

Glute Burning Incline Interval Workout - Make that treadmill work for you!

when students participate when no one else is or answer a challenging question they can get 'smart beads' to wear. they trade in smart beads at the end of the day for a little note that goes home to their parents! AWESOME

Strategies for calming your class after an exciting break like an assembly, lunch, or recess

Bring your read alouds to life! Do something fun to get students involved in the book.

Writing anchor chart

FREE YOGA! Pin it and join in on our 31 day yoga for strength project and watch your practice grow! Starts Jan 1, 2015!

From foundation and contour, to blush and eyebrows, to eyeshadow and eyeliner, this collection of makeup tutorials is just what you need to teach yourself not only how to apply makeup, but how to apply makeup properly.

very pretty color scheme

This black sugar and charcoal cleanser gently exfoliates skin and absorbs excess oils.

ZAP Game - a fun way to encourage all kids to participate - as the winner could be anyone in the end!

I think this manipulative would be great to use in a math center for kindergarten or first grade because it helps the students visualize addition problems by comparing the 2 numbers individually with different colors and together when they're connected to find the sum of the numbers. 5266

Bridesmaids dresses you can rent! Order a free swatch at Little Borrowed Dress!

This teacher uses bracelets to help manage the amount of children in an area during play time

Yeah... It's hard to do this when you think about how important some inconsiderate people can really be in your life...