The exterior design of the new Boxster draws inspiration from a rich history. The side air intakes are reminiscent of the 550 Spyder. The new Boxster design also incorporates the sum of our ideas of how the future should be. Every muscle of the car is toned, flexed and waiting to be driven. Learn more:

The new 718 Boxster

New Porsche Boxster prices, specifications and features, images of all Porsche Boxster variants. Check mileage of new Porsche Boxster. Start your Porsche Boxster research here.

The geometric form of the cockpit follows a clear direction: forwards. The elevated centre console integrates the driver optimally into the vehicle by positioning the gear lever extremely close to the steering wheel to enable fast and sporty gear changes. Learn more:

The new 718 Boxster

Malaysia Motoring News: 2013 Porsche Boxster unveiled - a stunner, lighter and more economical

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