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Posição quadros
Idéias para posicionamento de quadro. Decoração para diversos ambientes da sua casa. #putx #lojaputx
How to hang a photo gallery along a staircase - something to remember if I ever get around to hanging pictures on the staircase wall...
Picture frames on staircase wall: I love this look; unified though with a lot of variation in frame types, some of the items on the wall aren't even pictures.
Easy way to get all your frames to line up nicely. Painter tape removes easily from walls without leaving residue or damaging the paint
When hanging artwork over a sofa, don’t leave too much wall space  between the sofa and frame. Try six to twelve inches. If you go any higher,  the viewer’s eye will immediately go to the wall, not the artwork.
16 DIY Home Decor Ideas Trifle Bowl Terrarium Succulents Home Gardening- love it!
Indoor Plants... Love these!
A way to live by:)