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*giggles* "Not a single gram of fuck shall be given today." What I wouldn't give to be able to live up to that!


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Not my circus!

Not my circus. Not my monkeys. (Polish proverb) Every time you feel yourself getting drawn into other people's nonsense, repeat these words. Great to remember, because I am trying to not get sucked into peoples drama

Left On

Epic win for conservation

how would you like it if someone turned you on and left you there? Let's save energy people!


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A little Tom and Jerry me thinks? :)

I want to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons whenever I see this Street Art. Very funny!

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

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I told you I was sick!!! -

This was my Halloween costume in elementary school (minus the "bastards"), except the tombstone I had was styrofoam & I got it from Walt Disney World. I was a ghost wearing a green mask & a big white sheet costume holding the tombstone. People loved it.