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What is Green Infrastructure?

"Green infrastructure technologies treat stormwater as a resource, not something to eliminate. Also known as low-impact development or adaptive management, these techniques capture, infiltrate, treat and reuse polluted runoff before it enters the sewer system. These practices include rain gardens, porous pavements, green roofs, infiltration planters, trees and tree boxes, and rainwater harvesting for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing and landscape irrigation." as defined by DC H2O

What is Green Infrastructure?

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Putting the V in PV with vegetation

Green walls (aka living walls), like green infrastructure, capture rain where it falls. Green wall luminary Patrick Blanc designed this wall at the Musée du quai Branly.

green infrastructure vertical and horizontal.

aquaponic vertical vegetable garden - urban agriculture naturally fits on our Board

literally green infrastructure. One of the silos at the McMillan Park and Sand Filtration site where filtration sand was cleansed.

A water cistern? apparently so.

Green roof modules and the steel grating they will grow through. Green infrastructure has arrived!

NYC has committed to using green infrastructure in combination with grey infrastructure to fix sewage overflows.

Check out our new video produced by Stone Soup Films and see how dc greenworks is bringing green infrastructure to life!

Newly installed above-ground, 650-gallon cistern ready to be filled and provide irrigation for Wangari Gardens in NW DC!

A new rain barrel on its way to being installed! Green infrastructure in action! www.dcgreenworks....

dcg has done extensive work in the Pope Branch Watershed, and you will see this poster throughout the city.

infographic courtesy of - see green infrastructure in action at

Hey Washington, DC!: Request a green roof consultation from dc greenworks today!

dc greenworks installing a rain barrel in SE Washington, DC - see the entire step by step process here:

Green Roof

What a great idea! Tire planters

green/living roof

MEC's green roof

Brooklyn Grange is a commercial organic farming business that grows vegetables on rooftops throughout New York City

1425 K St. - dc greenworks featured green roof; see more at - growing livable communities using living materials

Awesome rain gutter garden

Nice Rain Garden

rain garden!