Great classic look.

chambray shirt, red sweater, skinny jeans, leopard flats and pearls // love this look. I don't have the red sweater and need a new chambray shirt, and some cutesy flat to pair would be great too. Never liked animal print but maybe I should branch out.

Mr Paul Newman in Venice

Black&White photo of the dashingly handsome Paul Newman in Venice for the film festival, 1963


Sexy Matte Black car with red details on sport cars vs lamborghini cars sports cars cars

Lodge 7 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Making bread the Bien Cuit way requires preheating a Dutch oven in high heat, then dropping to a lower temperature. Such an important task requires a trusty workhorse, like Lodge Brand cast iron ware that provides consistent results with its thickness, large size, and vibration-tapering lid. “It’s the only one that doesn’t scorch the bottom of the bread,” Golper says.

Gift Guides: Essential Baking Tools for the Bread Obsessive

Home cooks love lodge for the even heating and easy-release finish

Tom Ford Specks...

Tom Ford Specks...

Travels with my bros...

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