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The Winged Wolf and Other Fairy Tales. Collected by Ha Sheen Kaf. Illustrated by Arthur Layard. Edward Stanford, London, 1893. "Prince Lubin...

The princess and the frog

Indian deities

Ovid , translated by Octavien de St-Gelais, Heroides France, Central (Paris?); Last quarter of the 15th century or 1st quarter of the 16th century. Medieval Imago & Dies Vitae Idade Media e Cotidiano

Alexander the Great travels beneath the sea in a 13th Century glass submarine, an illustration from the Roman d’Alexandre

Koninklijke Bibliotheek, KB, 72 A 23, Folio 47v

british library, harley ms 3244 (english, mid 13thC), f. 59r

Antique Mythological Creatures Print - Mysterious Miscellania

"Sea monster". A very small detail from Carta marina, a wallmap of Scandinavia, by Olaus Magnus, 1539.

Main/Sea Monster - Television Tropes & Idioms

A harpy; facing left; bird-like creature with a long tail and human head,by Melchior Lorck,c. 1582

Decorated initial with a deer and satyr holding a cup. Origin:Germany or Austria

Cambrai, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 0012, f. 000Av. Gradual, 1540 (Northern France or Belgium). Arms of Robert de Croÿ.

Besançon - BM - ms. 1360, f. 002v. Konrad Kyeser, Bellifortis. 1st half of the 15th century.

French illumination by 'The Master of Sir John Fastolf' in Epitre d'Othea, 1450. "Three armoured and armed figures in the underworld: left, Hercules with club, wearing lion's skin over his armour fighting against the dog Cerberus chained at the gate of Hades; among the red flames of Hell are Theseus and Pirotheus with swords fighting with two black devils"

‘Daphne, pursued by Apollo, changes into a laurel-tree’. Christine de Pisan, 1450-1475.

An 18th century Prose Edda manuscript illustration featuring Hermóðr upon Sleipnir (left), Baldr (upper right), and Hel (lower right). Details include Hel's dish "hunger" and the knife " famine".

Fairy Tales From The Far North

Nordic Thoughts: Soria Moria Castle

A Siren pictured in a Russian lubok from the 10th century

File:Sirin lubok1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons