DIY a thoughtful bouquet of roses! Learn the meaning of your favorite rose colors with this infographic. #flowers

National Rose Month: The Meaning of Rose Colors

The Meanings of Rose Colors. Good to know if you're deciding on rose colors for bouquets, centerpieces and other flowers for your wedding! I LOVE PEACH ROSES

Hope in humanity: slighty restored

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

I just shed a dew teardrops reading and looking at these heart warming!Faith in Humanity: Restored! Just beautiful!

Who knew... so many ways to lace a shoe...

17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces.I shall never look at my shoelaces the same. Just remember that the way the shoes come laced up isn't passé, it's just 1 of 17 ways to tie your shoelaces.

this is clearly the only way to live with a cat!

Teach Cat To Pop In The Toilet, Someone Figured Out A Way.

teaching a cat how to poop in the toilet. cat pooping in toilet. no more litter box.

Very Long...But Seriously Worth The Read.

Worth the read. Made me tear up. U never know when u can change someone's life. <-- i heard this story years ago, and it still makes me tear up just reading it :*) the power of friendship is a beautiful thing

Robin Williams guys

Robin Williams guys

Robin Williams guys-fav movie Probably my favorite quote from a movie RIP Robin Williams

Viking Symbols | ... of the germanic peoples norse speaking scandinavian the vikings

Viking Symbols of the germanic peoples norse speaking scandinavian the vikings

#Wiccan #Pagan #Wicca

Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion Board > Transmutation circles in FMA, How do they work? Explaining transmutation circles found in FMA

transmutation circles ~ Fullmetal Alchemist

Alchemy: "Part Three: Drawing Transmutation Circles". Full Metal / Hagane No Renkinjutsushi. / Sacred Geometry - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Love a Nerd...still looking for a nerd to love

Funny story: I told my 11 year old cousin dating advice once. I said that you want to date a nerdy girl because nerds don't get boyfriends often, and when they do get one they'll know how to treat you right, so in theory they are the best ones to pick.

90's life

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?