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Giada De Laurentiis

All our Giada De Laurentiis Pictures, Full Sized in an Infinite Scroll. Giada De Laurentiis has an average Hotness Rating of between (based on their top 20 pictures)

Mario Batali

What chefs’ last meals say about taste

Rachael Ray

Famous Female TV Chefs

This list of famous female TV chefs is listed by their level of prominence, with photos when available. This greatest female TV chefs list contains the most promine.

Jamie Oliver

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Curtis Stone

Chef Curtis Stone - "The Take - Home -Chef" (and who wouldn't love to take him home?

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain, an American chef, author, and television personality.

Julia Child - A 1962 appearance on a book review show on the National Educational Television (NET) station of Boston, WGBH, led to the inception of her first television cooking show after viewers enjoyed her demonstration of how to cook an omelette. The French Chef had its debut on February 11, 1963, on WGBH and was immediately successful. The show ran nationally for ten years and won Peabody and Emmy Awards, including the first Emmy award for an educational program.

Julia Child - QUOTE- "I always give my bird a generous butter massage before I put it in the oven. Because I think the chicken likes it!

America's first famous chef...Chef Boyardee! In 1924, Boiardi opened the Giardino d'Italia restaurant at East 9th Street and Woodland Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.The idea for Chef Boyardee came about when restaurant customers began asking Boiardi for his recipe and his ingredients. He opened a factory in 1928, moving production to Milton, Pennsylvania ten years later. He decided to name his product "Boy-Ar-Dee" to help Americans pronounce his name.

In My Mind Only) While all chefs have a role in preparing the food, developing recipes, determining serving sizes, planning m.

Julia Child

Julia Childs - Maybe someday in heaven - not only a great chef but incredible humor as well.

Emeril John Lagasse is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author.

Emeril Lagasse is out at the Food Network. Contract negotiations between Emeril and parent corporation Scripps have broken down. Lagasse is leaving the Food Network as a result and the [.

The recognition that Bobby Flay has gained at Mesa Grill for his mouthwatering dishes has built his reputation as a major force. In May 1993, Bobby Flay was voted the James Beard Foundation's Rising Star Chef of the Year, an award that honors the country's most accomplished chef under the age of 30. The French Culinary Institute, his alma mater, honored him in 1993 with its first-ever Outstanding Graduate Award, which recognizes the school's most accomplished alumni.

These fantastic recipes from TV chef and grill master Bobby Flay include sweet-and-spicy honey mustard chicken and grilled corn with mango butter.